Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Ok so it's been less than a week, so I can still post Christmas-y pictures, right? Too bad. Suffer through.

Gabriel was waiting for daddy to come home from school. I love how festive it looks, and the snow on our window.

Julian's waiting for daddy now. In the pajamas I made him. (by pajamas I mean clothes that he wears for 30 seconds before exclaiming that he's "SWEATY" and stripping down to his skivvies)


This? This is a musical treat. Julian playing trumpet. (Just be glad you're not here!)

Julian at his Christmas program

Gabe at the Christmas program

(he was verrrrry entertained...riiight)




This blurry picture is the direct result of a certain almost 2 year olds grubby fingers. And this also shows how much we love Santa in our house
(Please note Julian throwing a fit, and Gabe running fast.)

Julian took this shot. It's our cookies for Santa
The loot from Santa

Our Tree

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Oh The Places You'll Go...

...have you read it? I'm sure you have. There's a line that is sticking out to me.

and remember that life's a great balancing act

It's true right? Life is a balancing act. And right now? I'm not so good at the balancing part. I'm kind of sucking.

Do you remember the movie One Fine Day, with the FINE George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer? I remember her saying something about having all of these balls in the air, and that she couldn't have anyone help her or some of those balls would come crashing down. That's me. I have so much STUFF, so much going on, and nobody can help me, because really? It's all my stuff. But I feel kind of at a breaking point, like I need to either give some 'balls' away, or else I'm going to drop them all.

I have a lot to blog about, including the best birthday surprise of my life! A trip to Washington for the weekend. It was glorious. Seriously. Then the return home to my darling boys, who then got Strep Throat (FROM CHUCK E CHEESE), and then Thanksgiving, and then a lazy holiday weekend.

But right now, I need to go attack some of my 'balls' and learn to balance a little more. Bear with me.