Thursday, November 19, 2009

Shout out!

My goooood friend Reese has written a book. I often call her my muse, because she helps me a lot with whatever I'm working on at the time

So EVERYONE! Go buy it! seriously! It' a good book.

You may or may not recognize the little fellow on the cover! It's Julian!

(Thanks again James & Natalie for posing for me!!)

New Moon

So I know. I know I'm 26. I know these books were written for girls ten years or so younger than me. But I am SO freaking excited for this movie. It's ridiculous really.

I'm seeing it tomorrow at 7:30 with my two best friends. What could be better, seriously?

I wanted to give a recap of my birthday, mostly for my own personal record, because it was quite...memorable.

So yesterday morning, we woke up, and Julian told me Happy Birthday. Awww.

Then the boys and I lazed around the house until about 11 when I decided to go spend my birthday money from my mom, on a fancy new outfit for New Moon tomorrow. (Yes, I bought a new outfit to go to the movies. That's how I roll.)

Before we got ready and out the door, Gabriel had done the following:
1. Spilled his juice, on purpose, on the carpet.
2. Dumped his popcorn, on purpose, on the carpet.
3. Sewed. As in, turned on my sewing machine, and pressed the foot down, and sewed, while my project was on the sewing machine, waiting for me to finish.
4. Fought countless times with Julian, and vice versa.
5. Made the adorable "Cheese" face, pictured here:
no fewer than 900 times. He knows it makes me smile, which is helpful when he's being extra naughty.

There's more I'm sure. But these are just the things I remember.

The Target trip was successful. I got a super cute pair of jeans, some new cute $30 cowboy boots, not the $200 ones I've been lusting over for 2+ years, but they'll do. A cute top and a cute purse, all for $100! Nice job, I say.

We came home, and of course, of course, Julian fell asleep in the car. Gabriel remained steadfast, and only fell asleep about a minute before we got home. When Julian falls asleep in the car, that means no nap. Joy of Joys, let me tell ya!

So Julian and I watched General Hospital, and cleaned up the disaster that was my living room from the morning of dumping by G.

Barry got home at 4:30 and we got them dressed again, oh by the way, my kids? Nudists. Weirdos. And headed to Red Robin.

At Red Robin, the boys, were actually pretty good. They got restless though, as any 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 year old boy would, and they left to go play games with daddy. I ate my free birthday ice cream in peace, and then paid for my dinner, lol!

We went to Target, because I like looking at stuff, and I never get to go with Barry, because he's always studying, or at school, or cleaning, get the picture. So we walked around Target. BAD idea. Julian threw the meltdown to end all meltdowns. Like full on kicking, screaming, and crying. I was mortified. Needless to say, he didn't get the $1 toy he was throwing said fit over. If you heard a boy screaming at West Glen Target last night? About 7, that was Julian. We came home, put Gabe to bed, who went to bed without a binki/binky/pacifier! And then I read stories to Julian, who passed out by 8.

Barry and I watched a pretty cheesy movie, The Accidental Husband, the saving graces were, Denny Duquette, and Mark Darcy. Uma does nothing for me.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Today is my birthday. Barry said I was an old lady, he was joking...I think. But I do feel old. Not old, old. Just like when did I hit late 20's? OY! I'm ok with getting older, I have a wonderful life, and I think it's just going to get better.

I'm not a really superstitious, or a horoscope reader, but my friend Jennie posted this site yesterday, on her birthday. It was crazy accurate for her life, and mine seems the same, or I can hope. According to that site? My 26th year will be super fab, and it did describe my 2009 year pretty accurately.

I'm going to New Moon on Friday, and I'm so excited. Like SO excited. I am trying to find a cute Twilight-y shirt to wear, because that is how I roll. Red Robin tonight for my free birthday dinner, cupcake in a jar for breakfast, so far 26, it's pretty good.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Can't give any details...

...but seriously, I'm ridiculously blessed to be loved by two certain people. You know who you are, and I'm literally beyond excited for what is to come.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gabriel, the trickster

Gabe is always, always yelling, "Baaaaaaaaaar. Go?" He yells the first part sooooo loudly and draws it out for about 1 minute, before sweetly asking, "Go?" It's darling, and 99.9% of the time, I have to tell him, "Daddy's at school."

Today, Gabriel used the "Go?" for another purpose. He tricked me.

He was 'hiding' his binky (pacifier, binki, I have no idea how to spell binky) in between his body and his arm, his little arm pressing it down.
G-"Maaaaa. Ki, go???"
M-"Oh Gabe. I don't know, where did your binky go?"
G-pulling his binky out of his arm, "Der is."

He was really proud of himself for tricking me. What an insanely sweet little boy I have here.

He also went into the pantry and got two packages of fruit snacks, bounded out of the kitchen and handed one to Julian.
M-"Julian tell Gabe thank you, he is sharing."
J-"Thanks Gabe." (No enthusism what so ever.)
G-"'Come." (He doesn't say your welcome, he just says, 'come.)

I'm pretty sure that Gabe is much sweeter to Julian, than Julian to Gabe. Gabe has a temper, don't get me wrong, but he's so considerate, even at 21 months. He likes to sneak attack you with kisses or hugs. If you ask for one? No way Jose. He has to initiate it. He is a great dancer with great taste in music. He likes Jason Mraz (who is my new favorite ever), Muse, The Coraline Soundtrack, and loves some Britney. Yesterday at the store, Julian kept singing, "La, la, la, la-la-la-la-la." (From If You Seek Amy.)

My friend Tara posted a few months ago, about something the Army is doing for active duty spouses. They're giving the spouses up to $6000 for a mobile career. I definitely wanted to capitalize on this, and registered yesterday for some photography classes. It's been a loooong time since I was in school, so I'm nervous. I realize it won't be algebra, or English class, but I'm nervous. I'm not sure exactly when I start my classes, but I might need some models, especially as my kids are insanely uncooperative when the camera comes out. (Julian is at least, Gabe likes to pose, the poser.)

Oh, and Kerry, you asked where the pictures of the tree are. Well, right now? The tree has one ornament on it, plus the Gold star we HAD to buy at Hobby Lobby yesterday. Julian watched Barney's Chritmas Star like 3 times on Sunday. It HAD to be gold. OY! Where are the ornaments, you ask? Scattered around the floor surrounding the tree itself. I could take a picture of that, if you want.
Cute picture of Gabe...not so much of me, but he's my little lion-heart.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Palizzis are CRAZY!

So if you've ever questioned my sanity, good job.

We put up our Christmas tree this weekend. In November. Those of you that know me, know that I'm not the biggest fan of Christmas, in November, or any month that doesn't start with D. OK I do partake of the occasional Christmas in July sale.

For months, Julian's been wanting to put up our Christmas tree. Months. We kept telling him, after Halloween maybe. After Halloween. In November. Then it was Halloween. And November. And I ran out of reasons to put it off. So Friday night, after Barry came home, we put up our tree! It's just a cheap artificial to us, but to Julian? The greatest thing EVER.

I think this is the first year that he really, truly understands everything about Christmas. The tree, sitting on Santa's lap, writing a letter to the big jolly fellow, stockings, or as he calls them, socks, decorating our tree, watching Christmas movies, he loooooves Frosty and watches both movies all year long. We're working on the spiritual aspect. I'm very excited to put up my Nativity scene for the first time this year. It's really special to me. It reminds me of Kristy.

Gabriel is completely amazed by our tree. He comes down the stairs in the morning and says, "Wowwwwww." It's adorable, and sweet, and he's excited for Christmas this year. Baby has no idea what is coming his way!

Yesterday, we decorated our tree. By we, I mean Julian. I tried doing it reasonably, you know, actually spacing out the balls, but Julian had other plans. He's decorating still this morning. Which is fine with me. After all, Christmas is about making things magical for him. It's my duty as his mother to make this magical, wonderful, and memorable. If he wants the tree in early November, it's my job to make it happen. If he wants a pony...ha just kidding. The closest thing to a pony my kids are EVER getting, is one of those stuffed ones at Costco.

Yesterday we also had the opportunity to hang out with some awesome people! Katrina is a photographer, and a member of SOS. It's been a year almost since we had family pictures taken by my BFF Stacy Jacobsen. A year, can you believe it? I know I can't. Well, Katrina and I did a little trade. She took some pictures of us, and I (and Barry) of her.

Here are the ones we LOVE that she took!


I actually love this one most of all. Mostly because Gabriel is the only normal looking one. He looks like he's thinking, crazy family. We SMILE in pictures. Cheeeeese.

Then, you know when you're married and you have kids, and then suddenly there are absolutely NO pictures of you and your husband or wife, by yourselves? Yeah, we fixed that yesterday!




Barry took this one of me and Gabe, and I just love it

Seriously. How did I get to live in such a beautiful, picturesque area?

Here are just some other cute pictures of the boys I took.


Seriously the closest thing to LOOKING I could get. 3 is a tough age






If you've seen Yo Gabba Gabba, you know they do a section called "FUNNY FACE" here's Gabe's rendition


Friday, November 6, 2009

November Already?


I guess it must be so. Christmas music is playing on the television. Baseball's over, hallelujah. But what the heck? November?

In a few short days, I'll be 26. I have a hard time with birthdays. I don't often like to remember that I am getting older. I look at my children, and they're getting older every day. They're different, changing, every stinking day. Gabe? He's talking a lot more. He has also been waking up at 5 am. That's joyful, let me tell you. He loves to scream from his crib, "Maaaaaaaaaaaa. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaa." or sometimes, "Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar." It's cute and annoying all at the same time. I'll be honest, and tell you I like it when he's yelling Bar...(pronounced like Bear/Bare)because that means he doesn't want me!

Julian is constantly sounding out words. He loves to read books and is always asking, "Mommy what turtle start with? T-T-T-, turtle, T!!!!" It's cute. It's crazy how big he's getting. He's like a full blown kid.

Halloween was fun. The boys were dressed as Mario and Luigi. Julian decided months ago that's what he wanted to be. I was excited because it was easy! And they match. Those that know me, know I LOVE matching!

They're at an interesting age. A very uncooperative age. So the pictures I have are funny, and only one is looking.

Lil Luigi

Mario-who wasn't down with the moustache

Mario Bowls

I've read a lot of people that eat chili or soup on Halloween. That's a really fun tradition, we have one of our own. It's called the Lazy Mom's Halloween Tradiation

Papa Murphy's Pumpkin Pizza. I love Papa Murphy's and I'm so happy the new Waukee Papa Murphy's is open! However I didn't realize that that one was open and drove to the West Des Moines one for this pizza. Totally worth it though.

I got a haircut. I went to the Aveda institute. It was amazing. She did an excellent job, and made my bangs, or 'fringe' perfect.

It's going to be Christmas before we know it. Julian's already begging to put up the Christmas tree. We'll see how long we can hold him off!