Friday, March 27, 2015

THE dress

Remember that dress that basically caused the Internet to implode a few weeks back??

I got something super pretty in the mail today and it's having a similar effect. 

So tell me what do you see???

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Does size really matter???

So the house I love is 4 bedrooms and 2100 sq ft. To me? Proximity to the beach > sq ft. It's across the street from a private deeded beach. 

We have four children and they're only getting bigger. My husband says this house isn't realistic for us. He's humoring me and will look at it in April when we go down to house hunt. 

But I'm asking size the main deciding factor. Is it possible for 2100 sq ft to be the perfect space for us? Our current house is around 2300, I think. But we aren't using the space wisely. The basement is hardly used. I feel like we live in less than 2100 now. 

Don't you think the flow of the floor plan makes more difference than the number of feet? 
Help me make my beachside dream a reality.