Sunday, August 30, 2009

Family Home Morning?

Well, my boys are both sick-ish. Unexplained fevers? With Gabriel, that usually means that he's got an ear infection on the way. He has an appointment with the ENT on Tuesday.

Today, we decided since we weren't going to make it to church, we would do Family Home Morning. Julian was bummed about the lack of dessert at 9 am, but we had a good time. We talked about Heavenly Father, and who he is, and how much He loves us. We talked a little about Jesus, and our family. I was supposed to draw a picture, and after drawing Daddy, Mommy, Julian and Gabriel, Julian got seriously concerned and said, "Mommy you forgot LOLA!" Hehe! Someone is hoping for a little sister in the near future. Keep hoping buddy!

So, we then got out the Scrabble board game and Julian helped me make some words.

I'm going to print these out for the boys' room.


We went to the I-park, as Julian calls it. I was trying to take pictures for the goodmama photo contest. We were surprised to see a celebrity there...

Here is K-fed

Oooooh, just kidding that's Gabriel.




And Julian is obsessed with bones. He loves them. He loves to sit and read Netters Atlas of Anatomy. He loves them. This shirt, was perfect for him!

Also, Julian is so cute. He has a little hoarse voice today. On Spongebob, he is scared to lose his 'laughbox' and Julian today said, "Mommy, my scream box is broken!"

Friday, August 28, 2009

Barry got his uniform!

It's official, Barry's a 2nd Lieutenant in the Iowa National Guard. (I mean technically it's been official since he was sworn in on the 12th) but now he's got the uniform and everything! I went to knitting last night, and Barry's uniform had come UPS. He was really excited to try it on. But didn't. Until I was at knitting. He then sent me a picture message.

When I got home from knitting, Julian was just about asleep. I got to give him a goodnight kiss, and then he and Barry continued reading 'Yoshi' which is really Kevin Henkes Chrysanthemum (AKA Julian's favvvvvvvvvvvvorite book!) They like to switch out character's names for something a bit more fitting for a boy! Yoshi, Mario, Dragon, Ghost, Mrs. Twilight <3, Donkey get the idea. It really is the cutest book ever, when read properly. Anyway, after Julian fell asleep, Barry came downstairs. He told me something so funny about his uniform.

Julian calls his beret his art hat.
J-Daddy, will you put on your art hat?
J-Your art hat. With your army man outfit.
Awww SO cute! I seriously love this boy. Also something else funny occurred with the beret. Barry told me that he had to shape it. I asked him what shaping it meant, and said he probably had to block it (since it's wool, I know a lil' about wool).
B-Mike said I have to get it wet and then fold it down.
C-Yeah, that's blocking. Why do you think my knitted items are always wet on the table, and I get mad when you move them?
B-Oh, I thought they were just drying.
C-Yeah, in a specific way.

Ha! I totally knew what he needed to do with the hat!

Here are some pictures, because really, that's what you're here for!

Barry's commissioning with Lt. Hubbard

How Gabe and Julian spent the commissioning

All done with the swearing-in

And just because it's cute. Gabriel is CRAZY! He's so much more physical, so much more agile, and so much more daring than Julian. Gabe does things Julian can do. Physical ability wise, there's not much of an age difference between the two. Gabriel had wandered into the kitchen. I heard him move the dining chair around, but that's not unusual. When he started yelling mamamamama I went in to see what he was up to.

See now, our table is tall. It's really tall. And he climbed up there all by himself. He looks so annoyed that rather than rescue him from his perilous location, I decided to take pictures.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Julian got a haircut!

So my little boy was looking a little girly.

Here he is at the fair on Sunday:

My mom has been the only one to cut his hair, so since she's visiting, we thought we'd better get it good. {Let me just tell you, I HATE getting his haircut! He is a horrible wild animal!!}


He looks totally different and I think he looks even younger!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

They were quiet...too quiet.

Yesterday, my boys got along, pretty well. Some days, they fight and fight and fight. All. day. long. Not yesterday. Yesterday they played well together, shared, and were geniunely nice to each other. It was a good day. Until, Julian or Gabriel, not entirely sure who did it, hurled a roll of toilet paper down the stairs. Julian exclaimed, "Mommy! It's a shooting star!" I really, really, really, didn't want to go upstairs to see exactly what they'd done.

You see, we buy our toilet paper and paper towels at Costco. Which means, since we just stocked up, we have a lot of paper towels and rolls of toilet paper. They are kept in our linen closet outside of the bathroom. Said closet is usually closed, and the boys hardly ever pay attention to it. Julian must have opened the closet, and had at it.

After the beautiful shooting star, I walked up the stairs, saw this, and walked downstairs to get my camera. I knew it would be 'good'.


Julian, heard me coming and threw some paper towels at me

And ran away

Angela, I'm sure this is killing your OCD! Sorry! I was pretty mad. I asked Julian why he did it, and he responded, "Because Mommy. It was sooooooooooooo fun." Seriously. I wasn't too mad after that. He (and Gabe) did help me clean it up. 2 garbage bags full of paper towels and toilet paper. I told Julian he hurt the Earth, and that really makes sense to him. So I don't think he'll be doing it again.

My parents and little sister, and nephew come in tomorrow! We're very excited. And I will be cleaning alllllllllllll day!

Barry is also being commissioned in the National Guard tomorrow! So there will be some fun posts to come!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ok & one more!

So, I have these moments. These moments that make me realize I have NO idea what I'm doing. I've had a few of these moments lately. Here are some pictures to prove it.




yeah-chocolate pudding. Not a good idea.

Gabe is so sweet!

So yesterday Gabe woke up insanely early, at about 5:30 am. That is absolutely unacceptable! I got up with him and brought him downstairs. At about 9:30, after he'd tormented Julian to the brink of all out war!, he'd followed Julian upstairs. Julian retreated back downstairs, and Gabe. Gabe remained upstairs. After a few minutes, I went upstairs to check on him, and found this.


He'd climbed up on Julian's bed, found his bink, stole Julian's Sigg bottle, and leapster, and snuggled up and fell asleep.


He makes me swoon.

Julian's Work

Juilan has been working really hard on learning how to write his letters. Imagine my surprise when he came barreling into the kitchen with this!


He said, "Mommy!!! I wrote your name!" And he had!

I love that you can see his effort in the Ms. So cute.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sweet Corn Festival = Heaven

I love Adel. It's so cute, and so fun, and just absolutely perfect.

This weekend was the annual Sweet Corn Festival. Saturday consists of a fabulous small town Iowa parade, some vendors all over the square, and you guessed it! Sweet Corn. We were lucky enough to meet up with some of our best friends, The Palmers. Julian loves them, and they are so fun!


On Friday, the whole town gathers to shuck the delicious corn. After the parade, they have all you can eat sweet corn. The best part {for a poor struggling Med Student and his family} is that it's absolutely FREE!

I've eaten corn my entire life. Who hasn't? This was the best corn ever! So delicious. Gabe thoroughly enjoyed himself. Julian, uhm, he liked the candy that they threw at the parade.

Here's Gabe riding the shuttle to the parade-the only way to go, in my opinion

Julian riding the bus

It was super hot! Like 90ish degrees with tons of humidity. Gabe was a thirsty guy

Julian obviously needs a haircut!

I love this crazy baby!

This was the best part of the parade....ok maybe not the best, but the most appreciated. That water felt amazing, because it was SO hot!

There were a lot of firetrucks {or were they engines?} from the surrounding cities. The boys enjoyed them, aside from the loud siren. Gabe didn't like the sirens so much.

We promised Julian that there would be tractors, and were there ever!

There was also a fabulous marching band. Barry and Julian loved it. Barry was a bit jealous though, that the students were able to wear jeans or shorts, and a marching band t-shirt. He had to wear one of those funny marching band outfits.

The Adel Rotary Club rode this crazy bike. There were probably 10 or so people riding it!

I just love how this one turned out

I've never in my life been able to do a cartwheel. I was always too tall or too awkward. In the middle of the parade was this tumbling troupe. These less than 10 year old girls doing super duper fancy tricks in the middle of the street. I was very impressed!

We know this guy a little TOO well

I love these little kids in the corn suits!

LOVE this car

You can't read this sign, but it says Raffle for 1/2 hog!

Town Center

Here we are waiting for sweet corn

Here it is! The sweet corn!


Barry cheesing with his corn

Here's James


Brov going to town

J was bummed-he ate all his ice cream.

SO sweaty, and drinking shakey water

It was so much fun! We can hardly wait for next year's festival.