Thursday, January 27, 2011

Not much to report

Laundry is going well.

Boys are doing well, minus the random puking incident on Monday night. I guess I'll tell you about that?! Julian came home from preschool and said his tummy felt funny. But nothing else. He asked for Mac & Cheese for lunch, and then didn't eat it. That's pretty typical of him. So when he didn't eat dinner, I wasn't all that surprised. He's kind of a feast or famine kind of kid. Either he EATS or he doesn't. Around 7 pm on Monday? He puked. Just once. And then said he felt better, and certainly acted completely normal and crazy, like he (and Gabe) always act before bed. He went to bed fine, we put a bowl on his bed, just in case.

At 3:00 Owen woke up for his nightly feed. He goes to bed at 9 or so, so 9-3 isn't bad. At 3:40, Julian woke up and ran to the bathroom, he puked. And that was the last of it. Upon waking Tuesday morning, completely, 100% normal. Strangest stomach bug, or whatever, ever. No sign of the other boys getting it, which is a definite blessing. I almost wonder if he ate something at preschool that didn't agree with him. When I asked him what he ate at school he said he didn't remember. So who knows. He's better now though, and that's great.

Tuesday we stayed in our PJs all day, but that's not really any different than a normal Tuesday. Since Monday, Wednesday, Friday, I have to go to preschool, I always get dressed. Tuesdays and Thursdays? It's optional in my book.

Since Julian was vomit free and no fever or anything else in 24 hours he went to school yesterday (Wednesday) and had a good day. Gabe is F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. talking to his teachers. I really don't get it. He is so chatty at home, but so quiet at school. But at least he's talking now.

Owen is almost three months old, already! I can hardly believe it! He's such a sweet, sweet boy. I just love the baby smiles I get all the time. I love that he loves to talk. He likes to gaze at his brothers. They're soooo entertaining.

Basically, life is good. And with these cute boys? How could it not be?

Some pictures from our Valentine's Day photo shoot.




DSC_0055bw copy


And some fun with photoshop! My best friend designed these adorable mustache brushes! I &hearts them!




And look at my little stud! He's soooo happy!



Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I've found it!


That? My friends, it's an EMPTY laundry sorter! Completely, 100% empty!

Now I know. Some of you are thinking, Yeah, yeah. So you did laundry. But, it's been since I was completely and 100% done with laundry! I read every comment, and tried to figure out what would work the best for me, and my family.

I realized a few things:

1. I'm a lazy daisy. So laundry sorter IN the basement, where our washer and dryer live will probably = more productivity. I won't have to carry oh so heavy bags down 2 flights of stairs, one of which, I swear is trying to kill me.

2. It's much easier to put away one load of laundry than fifty. (Right, that should be pretty obvious.)

3. I wear a.lot of black.

4. Socks still are the devil. But they're not so bad if I do 3 pair/day vs. 15 pair (roughly 3 pairs of socks/person x 5 days)

5. It's nice to have variety of clothes for me and my kids to wear. Instead of wearing whatever was just washed, and is thus on the top of the clean clothes basket.

6. We have a lot of laundry baskets! Hopefully I'll be able to use them for something more fun than holding laundry.

I feel really good about my plan of action for laundry! It doesn't seem so daunting, and I think as long as I maintain approximately one load a day? I won't ever get behind! One load every day is a lot less scary and stressful than doing one day of a million loads. Plus it's so much easier to put away one load than a million, which means I may in fact, actually do it!

I promise no more laundry talk! Unless of course, I fail. If I fail? I guess I'll have to reevaluate :)

And just so you haven't read this whole blog for nothing:

The big boys are out getting a haircut right now, I'll have to post pictures of them when they get back!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Paging Dr McDreamy




McDreamy needs to do something about his dirty face, but man this kid cracks me up! he always steals Barry's stethoscope, and puts it around his neck like a pro. He doesn't usually wear the white coat, but it was a special day.

Baby brother thinks his big brother's a wee bit crazy :)

Excited for a family weekend. I can't believe it's already mid January! I think 2011 is going to go by SUPER fast!

Monday, January 10, 2011

The L word...

And not the good one. This time? I'm talking about LAUNDRY. Yes, I know it's dirty, bad word. But I need help. I feel like the laundry is never ending. And it's not Owen. I felt this way before we had him. It's just my least favorite chore. Folding and putting away laundry? That = torture to me. Especially my kids clothes. Perhaps they have too much? Perhaps I just hate tiny little things to put away. I don't know. But I need advice.

Here's our current laundry set up.

In our room (awful, hence the reason for this post)
Whites, lights, darks (If you don't know, I pretty much ONLY wear black ;) )

Boys hamper


So, you see my dilemma. I have too many clothes to do. Please help me!

Should I incorporate boys clothes into ours? I feel like I neglect their laundry because it's out of sight (in their closet) until they have no more long sleeves to wear! and then it's crazy!

I use to have a schedule like Monday lights, Tuesday, darks, Wednesday Julian, Thursday Gabe, Friday whites and towels. But it didn't work so well. Should I change the schedule?

Give me advice. Tell me how YOU do laundry. Please also remember I have diaper laundry 2-3 times a week. But if I could only get a handle on the clothes laundry I could easily squeeze diapers in somewhere! HELP!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Party Time

So New Year's Eve, we bought those little noise blowers. But. Barry and I were in bed long before midnight, and the boys at about 8 pm. Last night seemed like the perfect night to do those noisemakers!

The boys had so much fun picking colors and!



this one makes me laugh!



Thursday, January 6, 2011

Three Years

I've been thinking about this post for a while now. Wondering what I could say that would be worthy of this post. I still don't have a clue.

Kristy was and I'm sure is an amazing and generous person. She was truly beautiful both inside and out.

It's funny the things that remind me of her. Or the memories that pop into my mind, ALL THE TIME! Sometimes I'll be looking for a phone number in my phone, and pass by hers. It's still in my phone. And probably always will be.

When I watch Glee, I think to myself, Kristy would LOVE this show. Or Kristy would HATE this song.

When I watch Grey's Anatomy, I often wonder if Kristy would be sad about George leaving. And Izzie.

Now I know. Those are shows. They're nothing important, or life changing. But, I think those are the things I miss the most. The little things.

It's also crazy the things I remember SO clearly from that day three years ago. I remember teaching my class at church, and seeing the Bishop's face in the window of the door. His eyes looked so sad. But he knew, so I'm sure. He was sad.

I remember googling this horrific event, knowing that it had to be some cruel joke, and seeing her van on the front page of KSL.

I remember feeling SO awful that it was her birthday, and I'd totally forgotten. I need to get over that. But to this day? I still feel bad about it.

My wonderful and courageous mother-in-law has asked that today be a day of service. That's what Kristy would have wanted. That's just the kind of person she is. What are YOU going to do to serve today?

Today, I promise to be more like Kristy. Always serving. Kind. Loving. Funny. Outgoing. Giving. Obedient. Always smiling.

Not just for today though. Everyday. But especially today.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2 Months, really?!


Yesterday was Owen's 2 month birthday! I have trouble believing that it was already 2 months ago that I was so huge! 2 months ago my mom was here visiting! 2 months ago that I only had 2 boys to take care of. But, the calendar says it's the 5th, so it must be true.

Owen had a doctor's appointment yesterday. I brought all three with me, why I didn't schedule it for a day when the bigs had preschool? I'll never know, but it went surprisingly well! And I don't regret bringing them. We played I-Spy, read books, and had a pretty fun time until the doctor was in.

I was guesstimating Owen to weigh about 14 lbs, and I was close!

Here are his 2 month stats:

Height 25"! 99%
Weight 13 lbs 12 oz 91%
Head Circumference 16" 91%.

I can honestly say he's the first of my boys to be taller than he is wide :) He doesn't look chubby to me, aside from his cheeks. His legs aren't overly roll-y (yet) and his arms lack the sausage rings (for now).

Here are some pictures from our 2 month shoot.

Boo-boos from his shots (I kind of love how his bandaids {or boo-boos as Gabe calls them} match his shirt and diaper)

He spent much of the day sleeping, poor baby

Or looking at me suspiciously

Not a whole lot of these (until 1 in the morning, which is his preferred smiling time!)

And, quite a bit of this

All in all though, it was a pretty good day. We took down our Christmas stuff, except the cards. They're still up. What on earth do I do with old Christmas cards? It seems so wrong to just throw them away. But I don't know how to keep them, or why I would keep them. Not like I'm going to put them back up next year. What do YOU do with old Christmas cards?

We went to Target after dinner and found some stockings, that match, and they were only $2.50 each! Seriously. Can't beat that! And got some lights for the house, but I have to go exchange them. Barry didn't realize that 2 boxes said green wires, and 2 said white. We want white :) And an adorable snowman decoration for next year. $25 for all of that! Love Target clearance!

My boys were so excited to FINALLY eat the candy canes that were on the tree!



The boys go back to preschool today, and I couldn't be more thrilled, but somehow I think their excitement is greater than mine.

Monday, January 3, 2011

My Baby is BLESSED :)

Yesterday, Barry was able to bless our baby at church. He did such a great job. Owen was blessed with so many special things, and is apparently going to be a great example. He was awake the whole time, and didn't make a peep.

I posted on my Wanna Be Crafty Blog about the desire to MAKE his outfit. I'd bought Julian and Gabriel's at Babies R Us, so now that I have the ability to knit, and make clothes, I decided I should do it.

With the hat


SUPER cute buggy eyes!

Brotherly Love (I really &hearts this picture)

SO cute!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Woohoo it's 2011!

So one of my goals/resolutions, whatever, is to blog more. Now I'm not trying to set myself up for failure and say blog EVERYDAY. I just don't have it in me. But maybe once a week isn't such a lofty goal? I want to take more pictures too! I love doing it, and man, my kids are cute!

2010 ended a little funny. Our power was out. I'd just gone into the kitchen to start browning the beef for tacos. I'd literally turned the burner on and was about to open up the beef. DARKNESS. And it's so weird when the power goes out because it's not just dark, it's DARK. After half an hour with no power, and knowing my boys would be getting hungry soon (Barry included) and not having any clue when the power would come back on, we went to Perkins. It was such a fun time. We laughed so much, the boys behaved, and actually ATE their dinners! Shocking for Julian, I know!

Julian was so excited about the power outage, he wanted to lay in his sleeping bags, by the fireplace all night. So when we got home from dinner, we watched a show, and then pulled out their sleeping bags. As we knew, they wouldn't fall asleep. So we carried them up to their beds. They still had fun pretending to sleep by the fire :)

Barry and I watched a couple episodes of season 2 of Lost. And then went to bed at 11! My first kiss of 2011 came from Baby Owen &hearts

The boys got these cool sciency food kits for Christmas, from my sister Angee. We didn't have the ingredients for the science one, but the gum kit came with everything. So yesterday, the boys made gum.

J made super sour watermelon. Gabe just regular watermelon. Here are some pictures from that messy adventure. (And Thank you Barry for taking care of this mess!)

Patting the gum


More rolling/patting

Dirty face, waiting patiently for his gum!


Gabey patting/rolling his gum

Julian's finished gumballs!



So happy. (He's seriously like this 90% of the time!)

Show me your gum!



We decided to feed our gingerbread house to the squirrels!

One beeeeeefy squirrel

Yesterday I was also able to FINALLY see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Finallllly! Thank you Barry for watching all three boys so I could go with Laura. We had so much fun eating Cold Stone and I brought my knitting! I was really excited to get home to this little guy though!

I really enjoyed Harry Potter. It just.ended. And that's not my favorite type of endings. I know part 2 comes out soon. But gah! I can't wait! I'm so impatient.

I really hope that 2011 is as wonderful for us as 2010 was! We really had a good year!