Saturday, February 18, 2012


Remember me?
I'm a busy girl right now. We've added to our family! I have a 4th son Monday through Friday from about 7-4. He's adorable and fits in perfectly with my rough and tumble little boys. That also means that I have less time for the extras. Which is also why I've put off planning my big boys' 4th and 6th birthday party! They're having a combo party because they both want Phineas and Ferb, and also because Julian's asked for a big ticket birthday present, so his party is smaller.

I also have to fly to Washington ON his birthday, and also Match Day, so I won't be here to celebrate with him.

I designed their invitation, and it turned out pretty cute! It's for sale in my design Etsy shop here. What? You didn't know I HAD an Etsy design shop? Well I do. And it's awesome :) Look forward to pictures of some products in the shop at J&Gs party!

Photography is going well. I've been pretty busy this last month. I offered up two free newborn sessions on my facebook wall, and filled the slots quickly and had the most amazing sessions with the most precious babies of all time! I was also commissioned for a birth announcement design from one of the moms, and it was so fun and challenging and I'm so thrilled with the final product!

My boys are big and growing and so wonderful, most of the time. Owen is so one. He's fesity and attitudey and adorable. He's starting to get his own voice, or sense of style and it cracks me up. On more than one occasion he's brought one of my flowers for my hair and tried putting it in his hair himself. He leaves it in for hours. Yes, yes he has the same curls as Gabe. He's so blond, it's strange!

Gabe is still generous and kind. He's getting more emotional and very sure of his wants. LOL! He loves Perry The Platypus, and all things Phineas and Ferb. Here he is with his Valentine's Box!

Julian, my sweet Julian is nearly 6. He's finally wearing size 6 pants, his 5Ts are short. Woohoo for a growing boy! He's reading SO well. I'm so amazed every day at how clever and smart my little man is.

Here he is with the snowman we made when it snowed earlier this month

Life is good. Busy but good. We'll have a BIG huge announcement coming up in less than a month! Match Day! Hooray! I"m so nervous and excited to find out where we'll be for residency. While part of me hopes we stay in Des Moines for ease's sake, the other part hopes we move back to Washington, Spokane to be exact. We shall see!