Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Team Green

By posting here, I'm making myself accountable.Tomorrow, you see, is my "big ultrasound" you know, the one where they tell you boy or girl? I mean they do lots of other important things, like measure baby's head (I'm betting 90th%), stomach, femur, and make sure baby has the right number of chambers in his/her heart, and hemispheres in his/her brain. This time though, we don't want to know boy or girl. So by posting here, I'm setting it in stone. We are not finding out the gender. We are NOT finding out the gender.This is a tricky thing for me, something I've never done in my 3 pregnancies before. I've always HAD TO KNOW. And this time, there's no urgency to know. I can be patient, and will be patient until about Halloween. Then I'll lose all patience.I've seriously considered having the ultrasound technician write it on a slip of paper and either giving the slip to my midwife, or even mailing it to a friend in Saint Louis, but I decided that leaves too much room for temptation. And who needs that? I have plenty of temptation all around me, for instance a delicious coconut poke cake is sitting my refrigerator right now. That's the kind of temptation I like.So I'm sitting here, team green, until October. And hopefully, if all goes well, Barry will be the first person, besides the ultrasound tech, to know if our baby is a boy or girl!Vote on the poll though! What do you think? Is #4 ANOTHER boy :) or is #4 something altogether new? A girl?