Friday, October 12, 2012

37 weeks

Tuesday I had my 37 week appointment!
Everything went well, baby's heartbeat was 164, and I'm still measuring a week ahead with the tape. No big, Deb said to expect a bigger baby, around 9 lbs, which is what I was expecting anyway! I'm also GBS +, which is a mandatory 48 hour stay after birth. I was pretty bummed about this, I hate hospitals and spending unnecessary time there isn't my favorite!
I'm not super thrilled with my weight gain, but know baby is getting all it needs from me right now!
It's hard to believe I'm 37 weeks and technically the baby can come at any time!! Holy!
Probably I should pack my bag or something, no? Procrastination at its finest!
Still unsettled on a girl name, at this point I'm giving up, and just waiting until we meet the baby.
We finish this long houred rotation on Tuesday, I say we because it effects me too. While I'm not putting in 12-18 hour shifts at the hospital, I am putting in 12-18 hour shifts at home. (I could never be a single mom, I have mad props to those of you that are or have been! <3) Barry will also turn the big 3-0 on Tuesday!! We've given Four strict instructions to stay put until at least 5 o'clock on the 16th, so Barry will be able to take some time off. Still gunning for the 30th! :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Surprise, Surprise!

This weekend was fullll of surprises!

Saturday, after work, Barry came home and slept. He was working night shift and slept from about naptime to 6. Then started cleaning like a maniac. I didn't think much of it, he gets in cleaning fits, and whatever maybe he was nesting, because I certainly am not!!
He worked night shift again on Sunday, 10 pm to noon. About 11 o'clock I hear my doorbell ring, and who do I see standing on my door step? Alisha!! And her family! Such a nice treat!! My boys were so excited to see the Hubbards and play with their friends!

Thennnnn! Yesterday, after dropping Gabe off at preschool, Barry and I ran to target and I wanted to go to goodwill! I'm on a hunt or a nightstand and a desk maybe. He got all huffy and said he didn't want to go. I was bummed but whatever.
We got home and I started doing laundry and normal chores for a Monday. I'd just gone to the bathroom when the doorbell rang. It was Ginnie and Lindsay (and cutie cute Hinckley) to take me to lunch!! I am so lucky and blessed to have such amazing friends! I hate hate hate living so far away from the people that mean the most to me, both Iowa and Washington! It was do fun, Ginnie loves food, good food and she brought us to a BBQ restaurant that is 1 of 13 places to eat before you die! Oklahoma Joes! The brisket wad amazeballs!! No other way to describe it! We waited in line for about 30 mins, and whoa boy was it worth it!! Then we walked around the plaza and it was just so fun!!
It was just what I needed to survive the last few weeks of pregnancy! Thank you to my amazing friends!! <3

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Uhm what?

Well baby is head down! Hooray! So happy about that, since I'm pretty sure it was breech before my drive to Des Moines last weekend!
I'm now measuring at 37 weeks instead of right on like I had been prior to this appointment. Baby has definitely had a growth spurt and my scale can definitely attest to that!
I'm now on weekly appointments! Uhm, what? I can't possibly be that far along, can I? Apparently so! I've had more strangers talk to me about the baby in the past week than my other three pregnancies combined! Most ask if this is my girl, and the reactions when I say I don't know the gender are priceless.
Owen turns 2 in one month!! I can't believe that!! My baby!!
We headed to the nature reserve which is realllly close to our house and Barry took a couple pictures of me and Four. 36 weeks. I can't wait to know who's hanging out in there!!

Monday, October 1, 2012


Holy cow! I cannot believe the (most likely) month of this baby's arrival is here!! It seems that it's taken forever to get here, yet on the other hand feels like we just found out we were expecting this little bundle!

The nursery is mostly complete, probably I should finish those t-shirt poms I've been dragging my feet to create! And probably I should wash the diapers so they are ready for Four. We need to figure out the carseat configuration for the boys, and eventually install the bucket. All things to do, but nothing terribly pressing.

I have my last appointment tomorrow before weekly appointments, and Barry has a day off mid week!!!!! so we will tour the hospital Wednesday, the day I turn 36 weeks!

It's becoming real, yo! And I'm kind of freaking out! I kind of can't wait to meet this kid and find out who it is that's been hanging out for the past while!