Thursday, July 22, 2010

Take a walk with me...

...down memory lane.

In preparation for Owen's arrival, and in my quest to delay packing until the minute before we actually depart Iowa, for Texas, I am looking at old pictures.

Two years ago, I had a 2 year old and a baby.

2 year old





Now, almost exactly 2 years later (Can you believe we've been in Iowa for literally 2 years? We were getting ready to leave Puyallup 2 years ago this week!) I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old.

4 year old



2 year old



Best of friends



Totally trouble

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy 11th of July!!!

So I'm from Washington. Y'all already know that. But did you know that I don't remember a single 4th of July without rain? Seriously, honestly and truly. Well last year, it didn't rain here. But that really doesn't count. This year, it rained on 4th of July (here in Iowa) and apparently, they can and do cancel the 4th of July, postpone it until the weather cooperates! This all happened without my knowledge. I sure did drive around at 9 pm on the 4th of July hoping to see some fireworks. If Washington postponed the fireworks for a better day, there would never be fireworks! As it turns out, though, postponing was a fabulous idea! Yesterday the weather was amazing, after some downpour in the morning.

So the boys and I decided to pack into the car, and drive the 3 blocks to the middle school. I put them in their (matching because I'm THAT kind of mom) pajamas and we drove to the middle school. We sat on a blanket and waited 20 minutes for the fireworks to start. After the first firework, Gabe was ready to go. He was crying and shaking and his heart was beating so fast. After the 2nd boom, Julian was ready to go too. Once we got back into the car, the boys were a lot more brave and pointed out the many fireworks that were 'broke into pieces' according to Gabe. Turns out? We had a PERFECT view of the fireworks from our DRIVEWAY! Too bad the boys were still too traumatized to watch them. Nothing like an emotionally disturbing night to help you sleep well. Gabe slept in until 9 am! And Julian until 8:30. I'd be lying if I said I didn't also sleep until 8:30. Sleep, glorious sleep.

Julian waiting for the fireworks to start

Gabe, doing the same!

The crazy sky before sunset

Monday, July 12, 2010

One of those days

Yesterday, and the previous few days have been on the rough side. I think the boys are acting out? And realizing that Barry's not here, and having some trouble processing that. Well Gabe especially. He's been a bit of a handful as of late, throwing things, hitting, just not being nice. I know that it's gotta be confusing to a little 2 year old, so I try to give him the benefit of the doubt. But, yesterday, after the 1 millionth time out, I'd just about lost it. So I called up my friend Jackie and we decided to go play. Best.Idea.Ever. So I have no idea where this park is. I know it's NEAR Saylorville Lake. That's pretty much all I know. If I ever want to go again, I'll have to follow Jackie, because without her, I'd still be driving around.

The first picture of the day. Ok so Julian? He's FOUR. FOUR. Not Fourteen! He already poses, dresses and acts like a broody teenager. What am I going to do when he's *actually* a brooding teenager?

Here he is again,testing me.

Gabe, not quite sure.

Jackie's oldest cutie, B!

Barry saw this picture on facebook and said, "Oh I love it when they play nicely together." If you'll notice, that's not at all what is happening. Julian is gleefully splashing the unsuspecting Gabe.



I LOVE this 2 shot series


I LOVE this boy! Jackie's son, B.

**Actually** Playing nicely

Julian's been super into building lately. Yesterday he built a house, complete with a Styrofoam chimney out of my steam cleaner's box! It was impressive.

My baby!

All in all, a super successful outing. Julian passed out in the car. Gabe stayed awake but passed out upon arriving home. That's the measure of a good play date! How long did the kids nap?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Le Slacker

So Barry's been in the field. In the field means he can't check my blog. So I thought to myself, if my reason for updating the blog can't read it, then what's the point of staying up late to blog?

This past week has been a little more chill than last. On Monday we had our good friend Laura over for dinner (yay for a reason to 'cook'! It's amazing how much I don't like cooking just for me to eat. My kids are what we call, picky. Which means they don't like to eat a lot of food. Well, Julian anyway. Gabe? He's an eater.)

It was also Laura's birthday this week, so the boys and I baked cupcakes! I LOVE yellow cupcakes with chocolate fudge icing! And sprinkles are a definite!

The boys also proceeded to be crazy while she was here, but thankfully slept well. I think they were trying to impress her.

Later during the week, they put on a play for me. Did you know? Superman and Buzz Lightyear are BFF? Well it's true, and I have proof!

Check out these abs!

Crazy Posers!


Gabe just adores his big brother

Laura came over again yesterday, to watch the boys while I cleaned a little. My mom is coming on Wednesday! (HOLLLLLLLLER!) and I needed to do some deep cleaning. I'm so thankful for good friends, and for her spending one of her last nights in DSM before she goes home for the rest of summer, to play with my kids and help me out! I love you Laura!


The boys do too!

Barry's home at the hotel for a little while, on base, and then will be back out in the field all week next week. He's having fun though, I think. They saw some cactus, got to play with compasses, and guns. And they had a frequent visitor in their tent, a dirty mouse that wanted to steal snacks, and a one time visitor, who met its untimely death, a scorpion! Julian's loving hearing about daddy's adventures in Texas, and asks me daiiiiiily when we're going to Texas. I am so excited to GET to Texas, not so much for the drive there.

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Weekend!

Because let's be honest. This is the kind of holiday that lasts alllll weekend!

Saturday, the boys and I (along with some fun friends) ventured to the West Des Moines Parade. Julian was a little sad that there wasn't a marching band, that's totally his favorite part of a parade. He was quite enamored with the firetrucks, and police cars, and with the candy! Holy candy. We got SO MUCH CANDY!

This picture was taken (by my good friend Jamie! Thanks!!) at the END of the parade. Which is why we all look so beat down. LOL

The boys, actually sat and watched the parade. They sat with some friends of ours, and normally both are so shy, but warmed right up to them!

Gabe's favorite float of the parade

Gabe's first, second, or who knows how many candies from the parade

I'm not sure when he turned 12...

One of the many firetrucks!


Not sure how, but I've managed to get pictures of cooperating kids? I'll take it, but it's miraculous!

Last night, before we went looking for fireworks (which were apparently postponed until tonight?!) Gabe found the 4th of July candy.

Surprised Gabe

Cheeseball Gabe

Almost 'cute face' Gabe

For Barry:

We're hanging in there. Excited for tonight, when Laura comes over for dinner :) We miss you, and will miss you while you're in the field. Love you.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 4, new toys and a book review

Day 4 was considered a success, I'd say. They napped, hallelujah. I stupidly stayed up late finish a book. I'd started it before Barry left, and it was kind of slow to get into. But then once the story started unfolding, started getting good, I couldn't and wouldn't put it down.

At first I had trouble with the Swedish references, considering I'd never been to Sweden, nor do I know anything about Sweden, but once I got past that mentally, I could really get into the story. I did like the Ikea references, ha. Anyway, suffice to say, I loved this book, and bought the sequel today. It is a little slow to get into, but once you do, oh man. Twists, turns, and super surprises! I can't wait to get started on the 2nd book, but I promise to myself and my sleep, that I will not stay up until 1:30 reading.

We went to Tiffany's house, she's my visiting teaching companion, and had dinner. It was so sweet of her to invite us over. Julian and Gabe had sooo much fun playing with her little boy Jakob. Julian's become obsessed, like won't stop talking about it. I told him maybe Santa will deliver it for Christmas, or something.

The boys were a little out of control at Tiffany's house, especially when the missionaries were trying to give a lesson.

They slept well, except that I've found Julian grinds his teeth quite badly when he sleeps. It kept waking me up. He's been sneaking into my bed every night, which is fine with me, aside from the teeth grinding.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Home all Day! (3)

So Wednesday night was a little rough. We'd been invited to a splash pad yesterday, but I asked J if he wanted to go, and he said no. So we stayed home. We had the boys' favorite for lunch 'roni cheese. And then, finally ventured out for dinner. Taco Bell. Healthy times.

We built forts after dumping out the pool, and playing in the sprinklers.

They made cute faces

(I'm not sure why, but they do that and say cute face? Not exactly the cutest pose I've ever seen)

This? To me much cuter!

We had some interesting sleep patterns yesterday. First. I was talking to my mom on the phone when it got REALLY quiet. I told her I had to call her back, I needed to make sure that Gabe was still alive (kind of joking, but there was a fleeting moment of panic.)

He totally passed out on the couch at 11:30! So unlike him, but makes sense with the really crap sleep job they both did on Wednesday night


Here's another rare occurrance in the Palizzi house.


Julian passed out on the couch! Under my blanket, with his hands folded. CUTE!

We have big plans for today, we will see how much we actually do. The whining monsters are in full force here. Driving me crazy in the 10 minutes we've been downstairs.