Thursday, October 8, 2015

Christmas is coming....

According to the calendar, it's October 8th. That means 8 days until Barry's birthday, 14 days until our 11th wedding anniversary, 23 days until Emilia turns 3 (months or something?), 27 days until Owen turns 5!, and 40 days until I turn 27 (again). To say that the next two months are busy is a slight understatement. We have family coming at the beginning of November and a couple small trips as well.

So I'm thinking ahead. Trying to prepare a bit for Christmas so that stress doesn't suck the joy out. So I can be present. Make cookies, listen to annoying Christmas music with my kids, and watch as many lifetime or abc family Christmas movies I can find. I don't want to freak. I want to be chill. And I've found in my 27+4 years that planning helps that be achievable.

I need dollhouse help. I really think that's something that Owen and Emilia would enjoy. She spent over 30 minutes the other day putting my lotion bottle to bed. (seriously). There was a mama, baby and daddy. Because she and Owen are BFF and because everything pink doesn't need to be the way it is, I would prefer a gender neutral doll house. You know, just a house with dolls. Not a princess pink castle, or hot pink house with zebra walls. Just plain. Classic.

My kids have played with the Pottery Barn Kids ones in store. Like little moths to flames they were drawn to the tiny dolls and small furniture. So that was where I went first. They have a really beautiful one that seems to fit my requirements if not on the small side. Price is good at $99
(farmington dollhouse, PBK)

I obviously scoured amazon. My ol' faithful. Not a day goes by that I don't have a package from amazon on my porch. (that's probably extremely accurate). I love love love prime and I love not having to PAY for shipping outright. I know I technically pay for shipping in the amazon prime membership fee but with the number of times we order from amazon it's totally worth it.

This Melissa and Doug has potential. I wish it was just a little more plain. The walls are pretty decorated. The price is comparable to the pottery barn as well, with prime shipping! $103 at time of publication. I also appreciate that it comes with dolls and some furniture, unlike the pottery barn.

Hape has great, quality toys. This one is pretty rad, though a little bright/busy for the look I was going for. It's also a bit more expensive but it comes with a ton of furniture. $141 at time of publication.

The final house I'm considering on my initial quest for dollhouses comes from Plan Toys. We have had several Plan Toys in the past and present. My kids love them, the quality is great and they use their imagination a lot. This house is dope! It's modern and fun. Comes with furniture but no dolls. Price is $156 

So, do you have a dollhouse you just LOVE? Hate? Any reviews of the ones posted above? Helllllp! 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Stitch Fix #1

So I've heard a lot about Stitch Fix. You pay $20 and the stylists will send you a box of clothes/accessories to try. If you don't keep anything, you pay the $20. Whatever you buy, they deduct the $20 styling fee from.

I wasn't specific in my notes, aside from sizes. I like clothes. I like shopping. I like looking nice. I have trouble stepping out of my black/grey/yellow box. So I thought this would be a good option for me.

I definitely struggle with accessories. My friend Mariah introduced me to eNVe Designs. She's a local woman that makes amazing pieces. She's helped me up my accessories game! But aside from my pieces from her, I lack.

I was really, really excited about the necklace that came in my fix. 

But, I'm getting a litle ahead of myself. Here are my pieces.

Before-No Shame in my game...

First up-Tammi printed dress by Pixley. 
Papermoon Clift Crochet Hem Top 
THML Bristol Crochet Short
Market & Spruce Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Top
THML shorts from above
Bay to Baubles-Galinda Stone and Ring Necklace
Market and Spruce top with my shorts
Papermoon top with my shorts

Because this is my first ever stitch fix I had no idea what to expect. I mean sure, you fill out your preferences and hope for the best. Would my stylist get me? Or would I be sent things totally not my style. I have to say I was impressed at my stylist's first go.
The crocheted shorts have a LOT of potential. They were the most exciting item that I pulled out. I loved them. They just don't fit *ME* right. A little too much fabric or something.

The grey top is so me. It's comfy too. Cute, flattering. It's just SO me. I have probably 10 other grey tops. 

I really like the blue top. It's just a little big on me or maybe just a wide cut.

I L.O.V.E. the dress. LOVE LOVE LOVE. It is a fun print, a color and style that I never would have chosen myself. I think it's super flattering. I love it.

And the necklace is absolute love. LOVE! It's edgy and versatile. 

I'm not at all certain what items I'm going to keep. I'll probably keep just one so I don't lose out on the $20 styling fee.

If you were choosing, what would you keep? Any? All? None?

If you're interested in signing up for stitch fix, click my referral link

Friday, March 27, 2015

THE dress

Remember that dress that basically caused the Internet to implode a few weeks back??

I got something super pretty in the mail today and it's having a similar effect. 

So tell me what do you see???

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Does size really matter???

So the house I love is 4 bedrooms and 2100 sq ft. To me? Proximity to the beach > sq ft. It's across the street from a private deeded beach. 

We have four children and they're only getting bigger. My husband says this house isn't realistic for us. He's humoring me and will look at it in April when we go down to house hunt. 

But I'm asking size the main deciding factor. Is it possible for 2100 sq ft to be the perfect space for us? Our current house is around 2300, I think. But we aren't using the space wisely. The basement is hardly used. I feel like we live in less than 2100 now. 

Don't you think the flow of the floor plan makes more difference than the number of feet? 
Help me make my beachside dream a reality. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Whoa nelly

It's been a while. I had a secret trip to Seattle planed. Surprised my mom for Valentine's Day and spent the weekend with my BFFFFFFF.

Since then it's been radio silence in the Missourian front 

Be prepared for an onslaught of #OOTD. 

Traveling Day- (side note, see that pile of laundry creeping towards me?? Yeah, no. Me either). 
Cardi- thrifted gap. It's wool and warm but I don't know if I'll need another wool sweater in FL
Shirt- one of my faves. From Nordstrom rack. 
Jeans- citizens of humanity. Another pair of faves. Sadly, after traveling all day and changing into my sweatpants, I noticed the beginnings of a hole in the booty of these beloved pants. 😢
Booties- gap
Then I was gone for the weekend and wore sweats for the first few days I was home. #JetLagOrSomething

I did get dressed one day to venture to target but didn't take #OOTD pics

This is a look you've seen before. 
Booties-Steve Madden

Sunday we had every intention of attending church. I got dressed. That's like 90% of the battle. 
Then Emilia fell asleep and then Owen did.

Shirt-polka dot denim button up
Skirt-thrifted minty goodness 
Boots-cowboy boots
Necklace- @envedesigns (on Instagram)

Monday? Maybe?
Cardi- Eddie Bauer cabled cotton- too small/not flattering. Donate pile
Shell-anthro (thrifted)
Jeans- citizens (yeah the ones with the hole!)


After a crazy day with the kids I ran away to target. To torture myself with bikinis. I felt alright about my bod walking in...not so much walking out. 
Cardi-wool gap thrifted 
Tee-mossimo recently 
Boots-Naya for free people ❤️
And finally, today. 

Cardi-mossimo. Mustard. Goodness
Tee-AE. I mean it has lipstick kisses on it. 
Boots-Free People

Thursday, February 12, 2015


I don't even know what day it is. This week has flown by. Tomorrow is Friday and Saturday my most favored holiday, Valentine's Day. 

Late start Wednesday. My nemesis and bff all wrapped up in one. The bigs start school an hour late which gives me more time to do stuff. Like get dressed, help with homework, make nutritious and delicious breakfasts. But it also throws a wrench in our routines. 
Leggings-VS pink
Shoes- New converse all stars 
Necklace- american eagle 

Cardi- target
Shirt- old navy
Leggings- target
Shoes- Vince camuto tj Maxx score 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


One day last week Barry had come home early. We needed some lettuce for dinner so I decided to run to Hyvee and its neighboring Goodwill. I know I'm supposed to be getting rid of clothes but I can't say no to $1.49 Rapunzel shirts for E. 

I also found this shirt which kinda made me fall in love.
Top: thrifted gap
Pants: rich & skinny jeggings (no front pocket so that means Jegging, right?)
Shoes: metallic houndstooth Toms (from seriously 4 years ago.)