Sunday, September 28, 2008

Super funny!

So Julian has really been into reading books before bed. It started out with Charlie and Lola, But Excuse Me, That is MY Book, and has since evolved into Netter's Atlas of Anatomy. Usually before bed, Barry looks over his book to study, and now Julian has decided that he likes to study with daddy! He is so cute and always wants to see 'dinosaur bones' :) What a doll face.

Gabriel is officially CRAWLING! Like on all fours, and moving! It's great, well sort of! Now he can get where he wants to go! I find him in the kitchen a lot! He is now 7 months old. I honestly can not believe he is that big already. Time flies.

Amy's numbers rose again for her blood test on Friday. She has an ultrasound this morning, so we should maybe find out what she's got, one or two! Eeek!

I found out another one of my friends is going through fertility stuff, and will be having IUI soon! So big prayers to them and tons of good luck!

We have story time on Monday again. Julian really likes it. He loves to sing the songs and have fun. I have a new calling that starts today. I'm in the senior Nursery. Julian doesn't like nursery solo, so he's going to come with me. I hope he does ok.

We painted pumpkins yesterday. Julian had SO much fun! I took pictures that I will upload later today, when Julian is napping. Gabe wasn't so impressed, so I helped him a little bit.

Julian has decided he will wear his scrubs for Halloween. He is excited about being a doctor. I am going to tell him to tell everyone that he is "Dr McDreamy" ha! We bought him a little stethoscope and medical bag, it's going to be hilarious!

So speaking of Grey's Anatomy, can I just say WOW! I'm so excited it's back on, but sad that I have to wait two more weeks for another new episode. Me thinks I will be watching certain episodes from the first 4 seasons! I think I'm also going to watch Private Practice on my computer, if my computer decides to let me watch full episodes on it.

Well we have to get ready for church. I will hopefully post some pictures later today!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


So one of my friends, Amy, had IVF on the 15th of September. And I've been praying and hoping and praying and hoping that she would get pregnant. Well, she did! Yay! I'm so excited for her. Honestly, words can't explain how excited I am for her. I've never really cried because I was happy, SO happy that tears just leak from my eyes without my knowledge. Today I did. If anyone in the world deserves to be a mother, it's Amy. She and Jason are going to be fabulous parents. I am going to continue to pray though that her numbers (401 at 10dpo) continue to rise, and if you're a praying person, please pray too. Seriously I'm so happy, I even called Barry at school to tell him! :) (PS her blog)

And in other not so exciting news, we went to the zoo today. Julian had a lot of fun. The weather is fabulous today! and should be all weekend, 80 and sunny! Ahhh! Love it! Tomorrow Barry has an anatomy test, so please pray that he does well on that!!! And then after that we're going to have a picnic in the park! It will be a good day!!

And Grey's Anatomy starts tonight! I will be turning my phone of from 8 pm until 10 pm central time. Thanks. :)

And I came to a realization today. There's a reason why I resisted Grey's so long. I wouldn't be thinking about Kristy as much as I've been thinking about her, had I watched it with her when she wanted me too. I also would not have had something to talk to my new friends about. Anyway, just wanted to say that there's a reason.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sorry....I've been obsessed!

So, I started watching Grey's Anatomy on Thursday. I've watched seasons 1-3 since then. I've got to get caught up to season 4, by the time the new season starts on Thursday.

A little background on me & Grey's. Back in March of 2007, I went down to Utah to visit Kristy, the boys and Ann. Kristy kept insisting that I would love the show, and that I should watch it. She said that if we got into University of Utah, she was going to kidnap me and make me watch all of the seasons to that point, and then watch the show with her. I resisted, not wanting to buy into the hype.

Well that was apparently a HUGE mistake. I'm seriously consumed with the show and I want to watch it all day long every day. It's quite ridiculous! Now I feel like I missed out on an opportunity to watch something with Kristy, and bond over something else. I know it's silly, but yeah. Let me just say that I am in love with Dr. McDreamy :)

The boys are doing really well. Julian loves to sing! He sings every word to "You've Got a Friend in Me" and "When Somebody Loves Me" from the two Toy Story movies. It's the cutest thing ever. Julian peed on the potty three times on Saturday, and nothing since then.

Gabe has started babbling, a lot! Working on his b's and his raspberries! It is sooooo cute! Julian's obsessed with this little piano. He makes it play "Let It Be" all day long all the time! Oy! :)

We've done story time at the library for the past few weeks. Julian loves it and sings lots of songs. We also do 3 stories before bed. Now he 'reads' me his Charlie and Lola book :) Cute!!!!

I will try to write more, but right now I have to clean and start diaper laundry! :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gabe has a new skill!

He can officially go from 'crawling' to sitting, and from sitting to 'crawling'! Yay Little G! He loves loves loves to look at his brother, and to do whatever his big brother is doing, much to Julian's dislike! :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How I love him...

Julian was extra-especially cute today! (We've been on a Charlie and Lola kick lately:) Today we had a full day. We woke up, watched some TV, probably Little Einsteins, and Barney, the usual. Then we got dressed and went to HyVee. Before we left, I'd put Gabriel in his pack & play, to you know, play. And Julian said, "Mommy I want to go in Gabe's crib." So I put him in. Julian played with Gabe for at least 15 minutes. I'm not talking, 'play' like throw the blanket on Gabe's head and play peek-a-boo, or take Gabe's toys, like his usual idea of playing. He was engaging with Gabe, and sharing toys, and stickers, and making Gabe laugh. It was The. Cutest. Thing. EVER! It really warmed my heart to see them acting like buddies! At HyVee, they have these spaceship carts, they're just like the race car carts in Washington, just spaceships. Since Julian's on a Toy Story/Buzz Lightyear obsession lately, he loves space stuff, Jupiter is his favorite planet. He likes globes. Weird kid :) Anyway,he wanted Gabe to sit by him in the shopping cart! Awwww! We were at HyVee getting lunch to bring to Barry. He had a test today, and wanted to celebrate being done with the test, before locking himself in the library to study for his Bio-Chem test on Friday! So we ate lunch with Barry, where Julian proceeded to be adorable, playing in the storm, AKA the mitochondrial mist?! Yeah I don't know either.
We are trying desperately to grab hold to summer, to keep it here just a little bit longer. Today was 85 degrees and gorgeous! We definitely took advantage of the gorgeous weather! We went to the park, and Julian tried to play with an older littler girl. She had absolutely no interest in him. He didn't seem to mind though, and kept following her around.
We came home from the park, and then started dinner. Julian was so cute, watched Barney, some random DVD we had. I was in the kitchen making tacos...yum, and I hear Julian bust up LAUGHING, so hard. I came out of the kitchen to see what he was laughing at. Apparently, it's quite hilarious when Baby Bop sneezes loudly, fortissimo. (yes he said, Loudly, fortissimo) So yeah he laughed and laughed and laughed at Baby Bop sneezing. Then watched the DVD again after dinner until the sneezing part just to laugh.
I called my mom on the way to JoAnns, Julian had the phone, and was talking to her. He was telling her the story about Baby Bop sneezing, and was laughing so hard again! Seriously sneezing tickles his fancy! :)
So as I said before, Julian is obsessed with Toy Story and Buzz Lightyear, yet he won't try on his Buzz costume. We were at JoAnns to buy some double pointed needles for some pants/longies I'm working on for J. And we were looking at fabric, just for fun. He found some Toy Story fabric. We took it back to the cutter, and got a yard of it. Just a woven/cotton Toy Story fabric. He wanted to hold his 'blanket' and said, "Mommy this is beautiful." Gosh, heart = melted.
He was being so funny at JoAnns. They had bins/racks that were wire. They had random suff inside, like bird houses, $1 bins...etc. He says, "Mommy, look at the bird cages." I'm SO confused at this point, trying to figure out what could possibly be a bird cage. Yeah the wire racks are bird cages to Julian. What a funny silly boy.
Oh yeah, at the cutting counter, I had bought a yard of cute sushi fabric, and I said, Julian, can you say Sushi, and he would say it. The guy cutting my fabric said, "How about wasabi?" And yep, Julian said it. Same with ginger, California Roll, Philadelphia Roll, Nigiri, Shashimi, and I think one more.
When we left JoAnns, I said, "Julian you were so good in the store. Thank you." He said, "I didn't touch anything." How funny!!
We stopped at HyVee (again) to get stuff for dinner tomorrow. When we got back in the car, we were driving and Julian said, "Mommy, the moon looks pretty like that." Seriously, so cute. I love him. The moon is almost full today, and here in Iowa, there usually aren't too many clouds blocking the moon, and you can actually see many stars. When we were getting out of the car, to come inside, he looked up at the ceiling and said, "Mommy, look, space and Buzz Lightyear." Such a funny, smart little cookie!

Sorry that this blog is all about Julian, but today was a good day! Seriously, one of the best I've had since being in Iowa! Gabe was super clingy today, and is teething hardcore! Hopefully they'll pop through so he can be done with it! :) I love Gabe too, don't mistake this post! Gabe is the sweetest little baby ever, and so opinionated, even at 6 1/2 months!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Emergency Room, Really?!

How is it that Gabriel, my wee one, that's only graced this earth for 6 months (plus the 9 he was growing inside) has already endured more accidents and injuries and procedures than my 2 1/2 year old? The logistics boggle the mind. Anyway, Sunday morning, Barry and Gabriel were upstairs, and Gabe was on the bed (Yep you know where this is going) and Barry turned his back for a second to hang up his pants, and kaboom, Gabe hit the floor. He got a good sized egg (thanks to a picture frame that was sitting on the floor!) and a bruise on his forehead. While generally not a big deal, an egg on the forehead, he started gagging right after he fell (and was crying). So I thought we'd better be cautious and took him to the ER. He was fine, no concussion, but jimminey Gabey!

I took this picture today, you can see his little wound on his head. :) My little sweet pumpkin.

On another note, they say that it's the last good week in Iowa! We went to the park today and it was gorgeous! I'm not looking forward to fall and winter! I'm praying it's a decent one with not too much snow!

Also my friend Amy's transfer went well! You can read her blog here You can also see a picture of the blastocysts that were actually transferred! I totally cried when I saw them :)

I found my camera, the point and shoot, and there are a TON of pictures from the drive over that I will have to post in a later blog! It's dinner time, so I'm going to go!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Scary dream

So while I'm generally a night owl, I went to bed relatively early last night, for me anyway. I conked out at about midnight. I woke at 3:30 with the most random 'nightmare' ever! I was in a weird apartment, not here, and Debbi (NOT MOMMASON :)) was in my dream. We were talking, and I went into my bedroom to find my jeans, and there was a cicada on the floor. I screamed, and Debbi came rushing in, and then the cicada flew into my hair, I screamed really loudly (Fortissimo) and then woke up. Bizarre!

Since I couldn't sleep with the fear and adrenaline running through my veins, I decided to blog a bit.

Yesterday Barry had to stay late at school. It was Hospital Day. I guess it's where different hospitals come to the campus to recruit them to their hospital for residency. There's a fantastic residency here that I want him to get. Free housing! We went to visit him for lunch and went up to the bookstore to get Little G a DMU shirt. Julian was charming the older lady that worked at the store, and she asked me if he was a boy! LOL. Poor kid. He doesn't look like a girl though, so I chalk it up to her just being elderly? Anyway, they had a pair of baby scrubs there, in Julian's size. Since he won't put on his Buzz Lightyear costume, that we drove to three Targets for, I bought them in hopes that he'll wear them. The night before last, I had banged into the bed or something and said, "Julian my knee hurts." And he said, "I'll make you feel better mommy. I'm a doctor. Here's a sticker." So CUTE! He equates stickers and doctors and feeling better! What a smart kid. So I figure I'll order a few rolls of stickers from Oriental Trading Co. and buy the cheap stethoscope toy at Target, and call it good....IF he will wear the scrubs. He's such a weirdo because he has no trouble wearing normal clothes. He does like to strip down to his diaper, and sometimes, being honest here, takes that off too, but no aversion to clothes when he needs them.

We had a date last night since Barry stayed late at school. We went to McDonalds, yum! Yeah it was his choice, and he paid ;) Then we went to Toys R Us! I'm on a desperate quest for Cabbage Patch Kid dolls. They have a 25th anniversary edition, and they are SO cute! I bought G one off Ebay for Christmas, and wanted one for J too. I found one at the Grimes Target (Which by the way is the same Target we found Julian's costume at) and it's a boy, which is what I wanted. The only problem is, he has blond hair, and brown eyes. Neither of my boys have that combination though. Barry asked him who it was, and Julian said, "A baby." Barry asked him what the baby's name was and he said, "Julian." So apparently it's a match! I think his real name is Johny something...ugly spelling.

He's been asking a lot for Grandma and Grandpa, so we did a webcam call yesterday! It was so cute, and he was such a punk. He didn't even want to talk. He just liked to look at the computer and see Grandma and Grandpa. He was really sad because we didn't have Yo Gabba Gabba on demand.

Gabriel is so sweet. He is seriously like a little love munchkin. He does this cute thing where he pulls in his bottom lip, and then makes a kissing sound. What a doll! It's funny because he's SO bald compared to Julian! Julian had a baby 'fro at 6 months, and G had a perfect haircut! We took G to the pediatrician for his 6 month appointment back on the 27th. He weighed 19 lbs 16 oz (Believe it or not, smaller than Julian was at 6 months!!) and 27 1/4 inches long.

My friends' retrieval went well! They got 12 follicles and 9 were ripe enough (I guess?!?!) to be fertilized. Sunday she will have them implanted, so more prayers that day, K?

Well sleep is alluding me no more. I am still on the search for a cute wreath for the door. I did find some cheap, but cute, wall art for the dining room so it's not so baron! :) I forgot picture hangers though, smart one! I will post pictures when I'm done!

OK before I go another thing Julian's been saying, ALL OF THE TIME, recently. Anytime I say, Julian you have to talk quietly, Gabriel is sleeping, he says, Pianissimo? And then I say you can be loud up in your room, and he says, FORTISSIMO! He's hilarious, but really grasps Pianissimo and Fortissimo.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Again, with the slacking!!

In my defense, we have been busy!! I try to get out and do something with the boys everyday. Even running to the grocery store. Something to get them, and me out of the house! Somedays we go to Jordan Creek Mall to play at the playplace there. If we're at the mall, we ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS have to go to Pottery Barn Kids. Julian is obsessed with the puzzles on the tables, and the bells, and the kitchen set they have there, and most obsessed with THE DOLL HOUSE! He loves that thing SO much, and it cracks me up. Usually there will be another little child playing with the doll house, and so far 100% of the time, that other child is an adorable little GIRL! Now I know there's absolutely nothing wrong with Julian playing with a doll house, it just cracks me up that the doll house he likes is SO girlie!

We went out on Friday night, to buy Julian's Halloween costume. He's recently become obsessed with the Toy Story movies, or as he calls them, "Toy Movies" I ask him almost daily who he wants to be for Halloween, and it's always either Buzz Lightyear or Woody. So, I'd heard from my friend Kelly (Oh yeah I have a couple friends here now, thus the busy-ness!!!) that the Target in Grimes had Buzz Lightyear for $16! So thinking Target was a chain store, and most Targets have the sme things, I went to the one by us. No dice, not only did they not have Buzz Lightyear they had hardly any costumes at all. So we went to the SuperTarget that's also by us. More costumes, but still no Buzz! So we decided to bite the bullet and drive the 2 exits to Grimes! (Who knew Iowa would = paradise for me! 3 Targets in like a 5 mile radius!?!?) When we got to Grimes, they had the costume. We bought it. However, since Friday, (read all weekend) he hasn't wanted to put it on. That is why we bought it so early! I don't want him to be freaked out about his costume! So yeah. Now I'm trying to figure out what Gabriel should be. Part of me says Woody so they're theme-y but then I got a realllly cute costume at Gymboree that I kind of want him to be. Realistically, I know this isn't a big dilema...who cares, right? But it's fun to try to think what they'll be for Halloween. So let's hope that Julian decides that Buzz Lightyear is who he wants to be when he dresses up for Halloween.

I'm getting excited at the prospects of decorating my house for Halloween! I bought a magazine that had budget friendly decorations. Basically patterns for cutting out black spooky cats, and ghosts and stuff! I'm excited! I want to buy a wreath or my door, so I've been looking at those. I never thought I would see the day that I cared what was on my front door. It helps that my front door is abnormally cute! We live in a townhouse that happens to be brick, so it has charm! Then our door is navy blue (so is everyone else's) so the contrast is cute! So I'm hunting for a wreath. I want something fallish. I want to go to Bath and Body Works and buy some pumpkiny smelling stuff for my house! It is fall after all!!

So as some of you (my readers, hahahah) know, I'm am certifiably obsessed with Cafe Rio. It's a restaurant in Utah, and now Arizona I think. And it has the most delicious sweet pork barbocoa ever in the world. While the pork is good, the cilantro lime dressing is the best ever. My friend Barb, lives in Arizona, and she found me a copy cat recipe for the dressing online! It's perfect, and so so so delicious! Then I found a copycat recipe for the pork, and can you say, new trademark recipe? I'm serious. We're going to have that once a week. Some moms make meatloaf (MOM!!) and I make pork!!!

I finised Gabe's longies that I was knitting him. They turned out OK, definitely one of the first things I've knitted. Right now I'm working on two projects, a black and grey/gray alpaca scarf, and another pair of denim colored longies! I was working on Barry's scarf, and Julian threw my ball of yarn in the tub! Soooo I can't exactly work on it with wet yarn, it doesn't slide so well.

Today we have Mother Goose story time at the library! Jamie from my new ward told me about it, and I ran home from church, and signed my boys up! They were the last two slots! Now it's a waiting list for that particular time! We're also going to go to the YMCA to sign up there. Barry said it's only $8 to sign up right now (ends today?!) and then it will be cheap per month because we have little income! Yay for income based stuff!!!

Since I have a Point Defiance Zoo pass, I can get into the zoo here for free. We've taken Julian about 3 times, and he LOVES it. It is smaller than PDZA, but there's a wide variety of animals! Tons of African animals, and a baby giraffe! How cute is he seriously? We went to the zoo last week, with my new friend Natalie and her little boy Scott. Her husband is in Barry's carpool and study group! It was really fun. Scott didn't enjoy it so much, he's a bit small, but it was fun to have someone to talk to while perusing the animals :) We also had them over for a Cafe Rio night, and it was delicious. It was a collaboration between the two families. I did the pork and dressing, and beans, and they brought tortillas, rice, and lettuce! YUM!!!

One of my friends in Washington is going through some fertility treatments, and has a big procedure on Tuesday! If you can, please please please pray that it goes successfully! Thanks!!

Well it's 8:30 and Julian's still sleeping. I should take advantage of this peace and fold laundry, so he won't unfold it as quickly, or quicker than I'm folding! I will try to be better about blogging! (I know you've heard it before!!)