Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Whoa nelly

It's been a while. I had a secret trip to Seattle planed. Surprised my mom for Valentine's Day and spent the weekend with my BFFFFFFF.

Since then it's been radio silence in the Missourian front 

Be prepared for an onslaught of #OOTD. 

Traveling Day- (side note, see that pile of laundry creeping towards me?? Yeah, no. Me either). 
Cardi- thrifted gap. It's wool and warm but I don't know if I'll need another wool sweater in FL
Shirt- one of my faves. From Nordstrom rack. 
Jeans- citizens of humanity. Another pair of faves. Sadly, after traveling all day and changing into my sweatpants, I noticed the beginnings of a hole in the booty of these beloved pants. 😢
Booties- gap
Then I was gone for the weekend and wore sweats for the first few days I was home. #JetLagOrSomething

I did get dressed one day to venture to target but didn't take #OOTD pics

This is a look you've seen before. 
Booties-Steve Madden

Sunday we had every intention of attending church. I got dressed. That's like 90% of the battle. 
Then Emilia fell asleep and then Owen did.

Shirt-polka dot denim button up
Skirt-thrifted minty goodness 
Boots-cowboy boots
Necklace- @envedesigns (on Instagram)

Monday? Maybe?
Cardi- Eddie Bauer cabled cotton- too small/not flattering. Donate pile
Shell-anthro (thrifted)
Jeans- citizens (yeah the ones with the hole!)


After a crazy day with the kids I ran away to target. To torture myself with bikinis. I felt alright about my bod walking in...not so much walking out. 
Cardi-wool gap thrifted 
Tee-mossimo recently 
Boots-Naya for free people ❤️
And finally, today. 

Cardi-mossimo. Mustard. Goodness
Tee-AE. I mean it has lipstick kisses on it. 
Boots-Free People

Thursday, February 12, 2015


I don't even know what day it is. This week has flown by. Tomorrow is Friday and Saturday my most favored holiday, Valentine's Day. 

Late start Wednesday. My nemesis and bff all wrapped up in one. The bigs start school an hour late which gives me more time to do stuff. Like get dressed, help with homework, make nutritious and delicious breakfasts. But it also throws a wrench in our routines. 
Leggings-VS pink
Shoes- New converse all stars 
Necklace- american eagle 

Cardi- target
Shirt- old navy
Leggings- target
Shoes- Vince camuto tj Maxx score 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


One day last week Barry had come home early. We needed some lettuce for dinner so I decided to run to Hyvee and its neighboring Goodwill. I know I'm supposed to be getting rid of clothes but I can't say no to $1.49 Rapunzel shirts for E. 

I also found this shirt which kinda made me fall in love.
Top: thrifted gap
Pants: rich & skinny jeggings (no front pocket so that means Jegging, right?)
Shoes: metallic houndstooth Toms (from seriously 4 years ago.)

Monday, February 9, 2015

Three for one

I had a good and busy weekend. My husband worked on Saturday and I worked on Sunday. Somehow I think my work is more enjoyable than his. I mean three day old newborn baby orrrrr sick/injured people at urgent care?? Amiright??

Saturday I had a sick girl so we hung out most of the day. Hence the random outfit.
What you can't see is the fact that I'm wearing a sweater over a long tank. 
Tank- h&m
Leggings- mossimo
Shows- NEW leather chucks! (I know I'm supposed to be getting rid of things but I've pared my closet way down! These are a staple and I love them. 

I spent Sunday in the car and with friends. I wanted to be comfortable for the long drive and look put together. 
Shirt- baby gap tunic
Jeans- citizens of humanity ❤️
Shoes: doc marten flat boots

And today. 
Jacket- goodwill gap
Shirt- Costco 
Jwans- Hudsons (goodwill find!)
Shoes-steve madden booties from last year 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Thursday & Friday

Literally the shoes are the only thing good about this outfit. 
Sweater: f21
Tank: gap
Jeans: joe jeans
Shoes: you already know. AE sparkly flats 

Thinking about turning the jeans to cut off shorts. The booty is ok. They fit but that's where it ends. 

The rest, Gah I just don't know goodwill. 

Friday: aka 90s flashback 
Flannel: holister 
Shirt: random Henley from tjmaxx
Pants: mustard cords ❤️
Shoes: thrifted Docs
It works but I think the docs are just too bulky. I think my other docs would be a better option (the flatter ones). 

Sooo what do you think?

Thursday, February 5, 2015

What I Wore Wednesday

Sweater- thrifted gap
Pants- citizens of humanity 
Shoes-nine west (belonged to my SiL, Kristy)
Shirt doesn't really phase me either way. I'll probably donate. Jeans are one of my faves. If/when I buy more jeans, I will check CoH first!
Shoes are sentimental and comfy. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Pulled out a few go-to/permanent pieces for yesterday's ootd. 
Cardi- thrifted gap
Tee- Matt Nathanson "I'm Nobody's Girlfriend" (seriously. Listen to Modern Love and if you don't shake your booty a little bit I don't even know you. 
Pants- rich & skinny jeans
shoes- sparkly AE flats 

Pretty safe/comfy outfit  nothing is leaving. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Just another manic Monday

I don't have a ton of wonderful things to say about monday. For some reason routine and things that have been done daily since school began in August are forgotten. It's hard to get a certain (almost) 7 year old to do things that are simply required. Exhausting. 

 This outfit is not my favorite. I finished the day with it. 
Sweater- Gordmans
Tank-Aerie (I like this. It's a great basic)
Necklace- envedesigns
Pants- delias but they are too baggy in the knee and calves and butt)
Shoes-Sparkly AE flats 
Sweater is in the donate pile. It doesn't hit me right? Like too short or too long. Wrong length for me. And same for jeans.