Friday, August 29, 2008

Julian is hilarious!

So every time we get in the car, we talk about some animal or person, usually Gabriel or Napoleon. Our converstation goes like this.
J- Mommy Poley has teeth?
C- Yep, Poley has teeth.
J- Mommy, Poley has fingernails? (Except fingernails sounds like fingermail)
C- Yep, Poley has finernails.

J- Mommy, Gabey has teeth?
C- Nope, not yet. He will soon though.
J- Oh.
J- Mommy, Gabey have finternails?
C- Yep, Gabe has fingernails.

I just think it's so funny that those are his classifications. Sometimes he asks if bugs have teeth and they must be super important classifications for him?!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Oh my gosh...I should be fired!

From blogging! I'm horrible at keeping up! I've been suffering from insomnia. So you'd probably think, hey she's got TONS of time to blog. I find other random things on the internet to keep me busy until 3 o'clock in the morning! :) Not to mention these wonderful boys of mine, including Barry, like to keep me really busy, and HATE it when I'm on the computer.
This morning, Julian is watching "Rocket" and telling me a play by play. "Mommy they're going down the stairs." "Yep Julian, I've seen that DVD 950 million times." "Mommy, Rocket's going to find a home." "Uh huh, he sure is." So I decided to update my blog as much as I can while Gabriel is still sleeping.
Sometimes it seems like nothing has happened, and others it seems like much has happened.
I have a random bug story coming to mind. I went to WalMart the other night. It was about 9:30 at night, and I had brought Gabriel with me. He was sleeping, so I ran to grab a cart so I could put his car seat on the cart. I grabbed a cart and was talking to Jess on the phone. I looked down at the cart, and on the edge of the seat, where Gabe's seat would go was a HUGE grasshopper! Seriously, huge! Like 4 or 5 inches long! It looked at me, like it was so huge. I screamed really loudly. Jessica probably wondered what the heck my problem was!
Just imagine this thing staring at you...seriously.

I quickly hung up with her to assess the situation. I decided I needed to flick the grasshopper off of the cart. Yes that is the best course of action. Luckily, Barry's Time magazine and just come in the mail that day. Perfect! So I got my time magazine, and flung the huge grasshopper away from the cart, and toward some guy putting his kid in the car. Yeah he laughed at me. I told him there weren't grasshoppers that big in Washington!!! After all that it would have been easier to just grab a new cart.
I'll blog more and put more pics of my kids up later. Gabe woke up, and Julian's done with Rocket!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Feeling Sad

Well, 3 weeks ago today, we left Washington for our grand adventure. I was very sad the day we left, but really haven't been sad since. I think the excitement sort of overtook whatever sad feelings I had. Now that the excitement and newness has worn off a bit, I think my sad feelings are coming back. It really doesn't help that Julian keeps asking for Grandma, and Grandpa. He also almost daily wants to see Preston and Jessica, and Carly and Big Gabey. Last night, Julian refused to go to sleep. He was having a melt down, point blank. He was screeching at the top of his lungs, and having a freak out attack. He said the wanted his milk. So I went downstairs and got him a sippy of milk. "No not THAT milk (more screeching), my baby milk." Ok so what the heck does that mean!? Apparently, he wanted the Horizon milk that he drank at Target! Ugh! He had consumed the entire box, so I didn't know what to do. I think last night, was the first time in my 2+ years of motherhood where I had absolutely no idea what to do. A little while later, he was crying some more, and he said, "Mommy, I want grandma." It was seriously the most pitiful and heartbreaking thing ever, and all I could do was cry along with him. I wanted her too.

Tonight was a little bit better as far as going to bed goes. No continuous screeching, so that's a plus. He still though, fought sleep. He did tell me that he wanted to help Grandpa build, and find the screw driver and play with Grandpa's cool car, and drive. It's amazing what his little head remembers! For those that don't know, my dad, Bob, has a 1956 Ford Thunderbird. That is the cool car, and Grandpa let Julian 'drive' it a lot! Yesterday, we watched Two And A Half Men which is a show that we watched nightly with Grandpa!

We had a good weekend. We went to the Iowa Stat Fair on Sunday! I know you're probably thinking, Sunday!?!?! How could they? Barry had agreed to volunteer at DMU's booth at the fair. They scheduled him for Sunday. I wanted to go to the Fair, and with him being in school all week, knew it wasn't going to happen during the week. Plus he had 2 free tickets, so we didn't pay a thing to get in. It was huge! I don't know what I was expecting, but certainly not that!
The first thing Julian and I experienced was the Butterfly House! It was heaven for my bug lovin' kid!

I'll have you know that that butterfly on Julian's arm was RIGHT before we left. We were inside that house for about 30 minutes, and right before we left, one flew on him. It freaked him out a little :)

Next up was the volunteer farm! Super cute! Julian had to plant his crop:

Then bring his crop to the market:

And then with the $$ he made from selling his crop, buy something, his choice, a popsicle! (Good choice J, it was SUPER hot!)

What would be a fair without a funnel cake? I feel bad that G isn't "IN" the picture. He really is, sleeping in the stroller behind Julian!

Barry wanted a famous local dinner, Pork Tenderloin Sandwich (BARF!!!)

And for the record, Iowa State Fair corndogs are just as good as Krusty Pups. Yep, I never thought I'd say it, but it's true! Iowa State Fair however, does not have the deliciousness that is Fischer Scones!!

Gabey got to sit shotgun while Julian napped in the back. Yeah G thought he was hawt stuff :)

Julian is in love with carousels. I have said before that any carousel horse is named Bronco...well the theory holds true in Iowa!!
Julian and Bronco (and me making sure my lil' cowboy doesn't fall off!!)

And now that J is officially over 36 inches, he can ride certain rides solo!! Where did my little baby go???
Driving and showing the kid who was behind him what tough looks like

The fair was way fun. I didn't get a sunburn despite my hours in the sun!!

In other news, Gabriel is trying to crawl. He is always on his tummy now, trying desperately to get his knees under him! I can not believe it! He isn't even 6 months old! He is getting those little baby knees under himself more and more often. He is so much different than his big brother!!

Here is Julian showing off his Jolly Waffler Goodmama. I'd asked him, "Julian, what do pirates say?" This was the answer. ARRRRGGGH!!

And, here is a cute pic of the boys together from Saturday!!

Well I am holding Gabe, he's sleeping and my bed is calling my name!! I will blog more tomorrow, hopefully!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

So close, yet again!

I once again entered the goodmama photo contest, and was slighted ;) My picture did however, make the page, so that's good.

The winner can be seen at Goodmama

Someday I will enter the winning picture, until then, I must keep trying!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ice on the sidewalk...

...melts faster here. The reason being, it's FREAKING hot! Tonight, at 10:00 pm, it is nearly 90 degrees. According to it 'feels like 100!' WOW!!!

Today was a very productive day for me. I woke up relatively early, and showered for church. We got the boys all ready, and left for church on time. Not knowing exactly where the church was proved to be quite an issue though. We followed google maps directions to a "T" and were stunned, well not really, to find out that the street we take to church is closed for construction! By the time we reached the church building it was nearly 1:20! We tried to find a place to sit, but it was packed to the brim! Julian had fallen asleep in the car, and was acting wonky. So we left. Next Sunday, now that we know where the church is, we will be there early!

After naps, which I graciously partook of, I sent Barry to the mall with the boys (to the playplace) so I could clean! I got a TON done! I finished the laundry room/dining room, kitchen and 90% of the living room! It felt SO good to get it finished!

I tried to find the post office in Clive, which I eventually did. It was locked though, or maybe it had some fancy door that you have to have a secret password to get into? I don't know. On my way there, I was talking on the phone to Mary, my old co-worker from BECU, and saw 3 humongous deer in a parking lot! It was random to see them just walking through the parking lot. Since the entire reason I went to the post office was to get some Priority Mail mailers, I decided a stop at Hy-Vee was in order. I needed an envelope to mail my package off in. Much to my surprise and happiness, the Post Office Express was still open! *Until 10:00 I might add* I was able to get the mailers there (only a mere mile from my house, unlike the almost 4 to Clive!) and was able to mail my friend Barbara, Twilight to read. I also included a sweet treat I found at Barnes & Noble! :) I really hope she likes it. I personally have never met anyone that's read Twilight and not liked it. It makes me nervous though, recommending something so highly, I am kind of afraid of the disappointment! Especially because it's something that is so near to my heart, because Kristy recommended the books to me. (Plus my co-worker Mary and I made fun of someone that loved the books, before we'd read them, and now feel terrible!!!)

I have already lent out my coyp of Breaking Dawn to my neighbor Julie. I hope she likes it. The more I think about it, the more I love it.

Well it's getting late, and despite my almost 2 hour nap, I am tired.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Finished Breaking Dawn.

First I must say that I have a wonderful husband. Today, at about noon, we went to Hyvee to get some supplies. I had a bunch of diapers I was selling or trading. I had to mail out the packages. We ran out of packing tape while in Washington, so I needed to get some more tape in order to seal up the fluffy packages. We were going to try to buy my book at Hyvee (which for those of you outside of Iowa, is an employee owned grocery store). They didn't have the book, but we got what we needed and sought out the nearest Shared Branching ATM which coincidentally isn't far from our house! Yay! After we were finished at the ATM, Barry said, "Do you want to go to Barnes & Noble and get your book?"

I had forgotten, how I don't know, that I had preordered the book from Amazon. Well, I haven't changed my address with Amazon, so it went to my mom's address! I was totally prepared to have to wait the whatever amount of time it takes to go to Washington, and then have my mom forward it to me. So I was pleasantly surprised when Barry said I could just buy it.

I tried really really hard not to just sit down and be consumed by the book. It was literally an addictive substance for me. It pretty much took over my entire day. Barry and Julian went swimming at our complex's pool! Seemed nice and clean, so if I ever decided to don a bathing suit, I might as well do it there, right? Almost the entire time they were swimming, I was focused intently on my book! Gabriel was sleeping in the stroller, and it was relaxing, although WAY hot!

The entire day, Barry had more patience than I deserve as I sat like a permanent fixture in our *one* recliner! :) It was amazing.

Julian fell asleep by his own accord, as did Gabriel. What has happened to my boys?! Gabriel even slept in his crib last night from about 8:30 until almost 4:00. I was very impressed with my little boo. Tonight, he did the same thing, and fell asleep in his crib, all by himself! He's a big boy now! :)

Our friends from the complex left for Washington today! Please pray for them, and their 2 little boys that they make it there safely! I ended up not stowing away in their truck like I was planning on doing. I like Iowa fine, I just wanted a free trip to Washington :)

Tonight when Gabriel was jumping around in his Jumparoo, Julian was sitting on the little oyster chair we just got (from the neighbors that moved to Washington). Julian kept saying, "Gabes...hahahaha...Gabes....hahahah..." (You kind of get the picture) and Gabriel thought it was THE FUNNIEST THING EVER! He was belly laughing SO hard! He's laughed before, but nothing like this! Julian thinks it is way funny to make Gabriel laugh. That is his new mission in life, apparently!

Man, I'm feeling like a zombie, so I am going to head to bed! I haven't blogged in a while, so I felt as though I needed to update something.