Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas from the Palizzis


The wrapping paper is finally gone, the boxes thrown away, and all toys assembled. The boys are finally coming down from there permanent sugar highs. We hope that you had an enjoyable Christmas season. We sure did. From oreo balls, to train tables, to millions and millions of legos.

On Wednesday, the boys had their holiday concert. It was ADORABLE! Seriously. Julian was such a ham, such a performer, and not shy at all! it was amazing. Gabe? Well he was his normal preschool self. He didn't do much, but he sure looked cute standing up at the front :) It's so weird that he's so bubbly, and full of personality at home, with friends, but at preschool, he doesn't ever talk. I think now it's a battle of wills. He has both my stubbornness, and Barry's, so I think he just might win. He's showing his stubbornness in his reluctance to potty learn!

Meet Buddy. He's our Elf on the Shelf. Super cute, and original name. Right? They love the movie Elf, so Buddy was the natural choice.

Gabe, before his concert. SO cute.

Julian singing the Reindeer Pokey. So cute!

Baby Owen listening to the concert by the preschool children.

And Gabe just standing there, not performing :)

Here's a video of the Reindeer Pokey <3

We took the boys to see Santa. Julian and Gabe talked big, and said they would sit on Santa's lap. In reality? Julian stood about 5 feet away, and yelled what he wanted to Santa, "Lego City Airplane" and Gabe stood closer, but whispered, "Brogan has, chugga table." His friend Brogan has a train table, and that's what Gabe wanted! Only one of my boys was brave enough to sit on Santa's lap.

Owen Santa

We got their school pictures. Juilan's was really hard to choose from! He was cheesing in ALL of them!
Julian's School Picture

Gabe's? They looked exactly the same in every picture, like 9 of them.
Gabe's School Picture

We got a nice little snowfall on Christmas Eve. It was so nice to have Barry home, so I could play with the boys outside!

Gabey playing in the snow!

Jules trying to catch a snowflake on his tongue!

Our mini snowman! The snow was gorgeous, but not very packable, or maybe it was just me?



We have a family tradition, each person gets jammies on Christmas Even night. I ordered the boys' way back in July, from baby Gap. They were having a great sale! And man I'm glad I did. How cute is this picture?


The boys seeing the stuff that Santa brought for the first time!

My Christmas baby

Enjoying his train table!


Sorry for the picture dump! I haven't blogged in a while! But that's one of my new years resolutions. Blog More. Take more pictures. Work out. And wear makeup again. Maybe eat a little better...we'll see about this one :)


Friday, December 17, 2010

DMU Magazine

WAY back during Barry's second year, we were approached by a woman at thew school. She worked for the DMU Magazine and would be writing a story on students with families and wondered if we were interested in being interviewed. We said yes, Barry gave her his email address, and went on our ways.

Fast forward to this past August. Barb emailed Barry and said they were writing the article, and wanted to set up an interview with us. We met her at Centennial Park, and she asked us tons of questions. The boys behaved and played a lot, and weren't too shy with her.

Fast Forward some more to October. Article was written, and they wanted our pictures! So we got all dressed and went down to DMU. I was miserably pregnant, 38 and some weeks. It went well, and we were excited to read it!

Yesterday, I got a disc with the family photo they'd taken!

One of my last belly p[ics!
38 weeks

And you can read the article at http://www.dmu.edu/magazine/

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The time is flying by!

If I thought time moved fast with two kids, it's moving three times as fast with three. I never shared Owen's newborn pictures with you. Or his birth announcement (which is going out in the mail this week, along with our fabulous Christmas cards). Or his 1 month pictures. That's right folks. My BABY is already past the one month mark! So I'm going to share.

Owen's Newborn Shoot. This was my second time photographing a newborn, in any sort of artistic way. With Julian, I just had my P&S camera, and was SNAP.HAPPY. Seriously. And Gabe? Well, I had Stacy. And she does amazing work. So I had no reason to take pictures of my own. I attempted pictures of my nephew Preston when he was first born, and some of them turned out OK, but nothing stellar, nothing special. Just cute baby, ya know? I'm pretty proud of the way these turned out. I'm not posting every.single.one, because there'd be probably 100. These are some of my favorites from the little session.






The announcement! Designed by my DEAR friend, Jackie! She's so amazing!

Owen's One Month!
I appliqued this onesie on the 3rd, knowing I'd need to take pictures on the 4th. My *goal* is to have a onesie or t-shirt for every month-day. We'll see how I do! He looks SO different, already! I can't believe it. Looking at his newborn pictures made me all misty, and newborn hungry! There's something just irrisistable about a squishy, snuggly, newborn! Also, early reports show that Owen, SHOCKINGLY, may look like ME!




I weighed myself the other night, and then weighed Owen, and he was 11.8 lbs! Holy Toledo! Such a big boy, but he's SO long, that he doesn't look as chubby as my babies usually do! He doesn't have an appointment until 2 months, so I won't have anything official until then! He is such a good baby, and sleeps pretty well. He usually wakes once in the night to eat, get a diaper change, and then goes back to sleep until 7ish. Mama likes!

We had a special visitor here the last week. Barry's mom, Ann, came to visit us! She's the first of the Palizzis to make the trek to Iowa! We had so much fun. She made English Toffee that was supposed to be for the ladies I visiting teach, but it accidentally got eaten. And sugar cookies! We went to WaterWorks park and saw the Christmas Lights. Got the Christmas shopping done for the boys. Let me just say, Julian and Gabe are going to be HAPPY CAMPERS come Christmas Morning! Nailed down Christmas presents for my niece and nephews! It was a really fun visit!

Julian eating a cookie!

The boys got a little sprinkle happy...


I love the Costco Gingerbread House Kits, and so do the boys!

Julian said the next morning, "Mommy, I tried to use a gumdrop as the door knob, but it didn't work. Sooooo, I ate it."



Well this post is mighty long! So I'll bid you adieu!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Ho Ho Ho!

It's that time of year again. Christmas card time. In past years, I've designed my own Christmas card, been really organized and had family pictures taken in a timely matter. This year? Not so much. Having my third baby a month ago (cry cry, time goes by SO quickly!) has kind of thrown a wrench in my typical holiday preparations.

Enter Shutterfly!

They have SO many adorable designs for Christmas cards, it was nearly impossible for me to pick JUST one. I was able to though, after much deliberation.

It seriously couldn't be easier to upload your favorite Christmas picture, or pictures, and order your card for the 2010 Holiday Season!

There are seriously SO many fabulous designs to choose from. I know that you'll have trouble deciding, just as I did! There are designs for every personality!

Here are some of my favorite ones, but I did not include the one I am going to order! There's gotta be SOME surprises in life :)

#1-Snowflake Elegnace

#2-Holiday Lights

#3-Paper Ornaments

I had so much fun taking pictures of the boys for our shoot. And the boys? Cooperated. For the most part. Owen was a typical diva, and wouldn't look at the camera :)

Here are some pictures that WON'T be seen on our family Christmas card!

Total Cheeseballs

Another awesome thing about ordering from Shutterfly? It's not JUST Christmas cards, or prints. There are SO many amazing gifts! Photo books? Yep! Calendars? You betcha! Canvas Wall Art? You know it!

I am so excited for my Christmas cards this year, and it was so much easier. I', not designing another Christmas Card! Shutterfly is the way to go!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Finally...a birth story!

Sorta graphic. So if this sorta thing isn't your cup o' tea...don't read my friends! :)

Owen Barry’s Birth Story

On Wednesday, November 3rd, I called the hospital that I was supposed to be induced at, the next day. I received the news that I wasn’t on their books, but that I was likely scheduled for induction at the hospital downtown. I cried. A lot. I was told by my doctor the week prior that there were no open inductions until Thursday the 4th. Of course not, because the downtown hospital is much, much busier than the hospital in West Des Moines. We were able to get it switched, so that my induction was going to be at the hospital close to my home, and all was set for me to go in at 7:30 the following morning.

Barry and I woke up at 6:00 and got ready for the day. I showered the night before, and we got dressed, and I ate a piece of toast, since I knew I wouldn’t be eating for a while. We’d told the boys that they were to stay with grandma, and that Baby Owen was going to be born that day. Julian was so excited, and so was Gabe, I think.

We got to the hospital at 7:15, because that’s how we roll, always early. And they got me back to my room super fast, and introduced me to my nurse, and she said she’d be with me until 7, and that we’d have a baby by noon. She was an optimistic one. :) I was the only delivery that day, so it was nice. We got the IV started, and my antibiotic going, and per the doctor on call’s (Doctor P) orders, pitocin started. I was 3 cm dilated and 50-60% effaced (which is less effaced than I was at the doctor’s a week before....strange, I think.) A little while after that, the doctor that was rounding, Doctor M came in, and broke my water. The fluid was clear. I also had a random spike in my blood pressure as the nurse was explaining to Doctor M that I’d had a previous 4th degree tear (don’t google, seriously), and that the nurse had delivered my 2nd baby. So I had to get a PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension) blood draw. All was fine with the blood draw, aside from being anemic. Before they broke my water, Dr. M asked if I wanted a c-section, which is standard for people with previous 4th degree tears.

So Barry and I took to the halls, and walked. We walked that circle numerous times. And each time the contractions just wouldn’t get stronger. They kept bumping my pitocin, and nothing would happen. Turns out, my IV was sensitive, and if I had my hand a certain way? It wasn’t giving me any medicine! Once we figured out that, I was able to finally get some contractions going, but they weren’t showing up on the monitor! So I had to get an internal contraction monitor. Luckily, Owen’s heart rate was steady and strong, and we were able to get it easily each and every time. Getting the internal monitor was awful! AWFUL. Barry had gone downstairs to get something to eat, I warned him, “Don’t get something stinky.” And he didn’t. Before they put the monitor in, they noticed that Owen had pooped, there was some meconium in the fluid. They weren’t really worried, it just meant that another person would be in the room when he was born.

Once the monitor was in, (about 2 pm) contractions started getting crazy. I’d opted for no epidural. I did sign the consent form, but never needed it. So, like with Gabe, I stalled out at 4 cm for most of the day. About 5 o’clock, Doctor M called (she was working in the clinic across the street from the hospital) and Doctor P was still downtown delivering some inductions. He was to be on his way as soon as he was finished up downtown. Elkie, my nurse, was too nervous for Doctor M to run errands, so Doctor M came up to the room and hung out until Doctor P could get there. I made very little progress with Dr. M in the room.

When I was contracting, I would repeat to myself, “Everything is going to be ok. This is almost over. Only temporary pain. Everything will be ok.” It really helped to calm myself, and helped me get through the contractions. I would also picture my cute big boys smiling at me, and that also helped me to calm down and not panic with contractions.

Once Dr. P settled in with his Newsweek, I finally made some fast and furious progress. I went from 5-9 pretty quickly, and then, because of Owen’s position, was stuck at 9. I pretty much begged for some IV drugs, which were always an option, and after one dose of Sublimaze, I felt pretty good. ‘Dreamed‘ about yellow balloons, and was able to rest for about 10 minutes before Dr. P decided to see if he could push the cervix away, during a contraction, and I was finally complete! I pushed through one contraction, and Dr. P said, “Next contraction you’ll have a baby!” I totally didn’t believe him, but he was right. Next contraction and Baby Owen was born! As soon as I saw him, I totally melted, and cried. I don’t remember ever crying (happy tears of course) with the other boys. Itw as just such a different experience.

I ended up with a partial 3rd degree tear, he called it a 2 1/2. Owen’s apgar scores were 8 and 9, and the meconium ended up being a non issue. He’d pooped after the water was broken, so he’d not aspirated any into his lungs. Which was a definite blessing.

Owen was born at 6:40 pm. 8 lbs 11.9 oz, and 21 3/4” long. I’m pretty proud of myself for not having an epidural, I had one with both Julian and Gabe. It was an awesome and intense experience. Owen is seriously the sweetest baby, and it’s so amazing how he has been able to fit into a place that I never even knew was empty.


(In this one, you can see how his head is swollen from sitting funny on my cervix)


All cleaned up!


Meeting the biggest brother!


GIANT feet!

Hanging out with mom in the hospital bed.

Squishy Face

Cute Face

Cute, but trouble.

His going home outfit! Loooooove longies on newborns!

Ready to go!