Wednesday, April 15, 2009

...Part Two

So last week was a busy and crazy one.

Monday afternoon, I found out that my dear friend, Elizabeth's mother had passed away. Please continue to pray for her and her family.

Tuesday, Julian had daddy's day at preschool. He was so excited to build cities and show daddy the calendar at school, and it was absolutely adorable to hear his recount of the day. Daddy took him for a super special treat after school, and they had Culver's.

Wednesday, we went to the zoo, where my camera was dead, typical, but had a super good time with Katrina and her brood.

Some highlights-
*Julian professed his love for a much older woman. She's 6, and he's 3!
*We saw Alex the Lion, which is the coolest animal at the zoo apparently.
*Julian and his new girlfriend discovered dinosaur bones together, where the 6 year old told me, she wants to be an archeologist! **Nice taste J, brains and beauty :)
*The Easter bunny found perfect Easter presents at the zoo giftshop, Madagascar 2 animals that Julian is in loooove with. So much for Gabriel getting one.
*Instead of going home after the zoo, we went to the park with Katrina and the kids. Julian climbed up onto the jungle gym, promptly peed his pants (despite me asking him not 2 minutes before if he had to go) and then crying and screaming for me.
*Also, Julian's girlfriend ran up the hill and said, "Katrina guess what? I asked him if he liked me and he said he was in love with me." {He = Julian} <3
So many funny things happened at the zoo and I can't wait for a repeat!

Thursday I had knitting club, which was super fun, despite only a few hours of sleep.

Friday, not a good day. We'll leave it at that.

Saturday, I hurt my neck?! And it hurt sooo bad.

Sunday, Easter, we had delicious shish-kabobs (NO idea how to spell that). My neck is still hurting by this point, and Barry tried to do some OMM which didn't really help. I think my neck was too tight.

Monday, G had his ear recheck, and everything looked good.

Tuesday (yesterday) was the SAA new Board meeting, and then the monthly SAA Meeting.

The SAA May Meeting will be in BBQ form May 16th!!! Details to follow.

Today we have so much to do and on the list is ENJOY THE SUN!!

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Shannon said...

so cute that you have a knitting club!!! i wish i could do something, anything...

is yoru neck feeling any better yet?