Monday, March 29, 2010

I lost J today...


The first time, he was wearing his PJs, which obviously he didn't sleep in. He needed PJs after he woke up because he was freezing and wanted me to warm him up. I'd gone down to the basement to throw some laundry in, (oh the joys of coming home from vacation, right?) and came up, and Julian was nowhere to be found. I ran upstairs, looked on his bed, looked in the rooms, and I could hear him saying, "Mommmmmmmy." Finally, I looked out the back window, and he was playing on the swingset. Gah!

The second time, he'd just finished watching Coraline for his 'quiet time' since apparently 4 year olds are too cool for naps? Anyway, he was in his skivvies, and again I went downstairs to do more laundry (it never ends, I tell ya!) and came up, and he was nowhere to be found. Barry came home, and said, "Where's J?" I said, "I think he's up with Poley." So we went upstairs, and looked for Julian. Not in the closet with Napoleon, not on my bed, not under my bed. Then the panic set in. We looked EVERYWHERE! Seriously. I looked on his bed, I looked in every room/closet we have. Checked the basement twice. No where. We started yelling his name, hoping he'd come out.

I said, "He's sleeping. Somewhere." And guess what. He was. On his bed. Hiding way under the covers! OY!


jamie said...

oh the joys of living in a bigger home huh? i'm glad that you found him.

Carly said...

LMAO. Oh naked J, how I love you. I totally lost G a few weeks back. I was talking to my mom on the phone and he wanted to talk to her too, so I told him to go get his phone....then forgot about him... cut to me 20 min later running all through the house, screaming his name. He knew where his phone was- behind his dresser (set up across the corner of his room so there's the little triangle space behind it) He crawled behind there to get it and fell asleep. Oops.