Thursday, August 5, 2010

To Fringe...or Not To Fringe

So I have a hair appointment tomorrow! Yay me, yay for time away from kids, and time for just me. So excited.

But I have a problem. My bangs/fringe. Do I recut it? Do I let it grow? Do I keep it somewhere in the middle?

For the record, this is what we're dealing with currently:

Me with fringe

Without-(For the record, this picture is almost 2 years old! eep!)


So vote, if you will. Yes to fringe. No to fringe. I need help.


jamie said...

both look great on you- i vote to grow them out.

Heather said...

I vote fringe! Go fringe!

x0xJ said...

Christia, you could pull off a shaved head!
I am swaying to growing it out soley for a change? I know sometimes i just want something different.

jmason said...

I think the fringe looks cute!

Jen said...

Since I'm having the same debate right now, I don't know if I can help you. And I'm a bang hater. On the one hand, don't they say to not do anything different to your hair when you're pregnant? On the other hand, It's just hair! It'll grow back!

Honor said...

you look cute both ways ... and i'm not just saying that. i like the fringe ... it's more "now" if that makes sense.

Kira said...

Yup, you're cute either way, but I grew mine out, and love it. So I say grow it out! As soon as you want em back, you can just cut them again :)

Daily Bran said...

Such a tough decision! I battle with that all the time too! I bring on the fringe, then wish they werent I grow them out but instantly regret it when they get to the annoying stage! Sigh, its a contant battle! =-)
So I vote fringe!