Sunday, May 8, 2011

Boys + Dirt

We started our 'garden' this year. Probably late, but whateves. We are definitely not relying on this as our sole source of food. Last year we had a big garden, and it failed, or I failed or something. In my defense, it was hard to be weeding being in my 3rd trimester.

Anyhoots, this time we're just growing things that are relatively easy, and will be easy to visualize the growth.

Here you have it. Our garden, for now. Once they get bigger we'll obviously transfer them to our little garden plot.

Pumpkins, pumpkins, sunflowers, sunflowers, and (for me) cilantro.

I'm really not sure when he grew up. But he's certainly not a baby any more.

They weren't too excited about me taking pictures. But they're cute.

Wish us luck! I hope that we are able to grow some sunflowers this year, and get some big pumpkins for the fall! And please, oh, please, let my cilantro thrive. I'm sick of spending money on Cilantro every week!

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Miss Pink said...

I am starting a veggie garden here in a few months. I need to research first, and gather supplies, my black thumb needs time. But we are starting one, a proper in the ground one, come spring.