Monday, October 1, 2012


Holy cow! I cannot believe the (most likely) month of this baby's arrival is here!! It seems that it's taken forever to get here, yet on the other hand feels like we just found out we were expecting this little bundle!

The nursery is mostly complete, probably I should finish those t-shirt poms I've been dragging my feet to create! And probably I should wash the diapers so they are ready for Four. We need to figure out the carseat configuration for the boys, and eventually install the bucket. All things to do, but nothing terribly pressing.

I have my last appointment tomorrow before weekly appointments, and Barry has a day off mid week!!!!! so we will tour the hospital Wednesday, the day I turn 36 weeks!

It's becoming real, yo! And I'm kind of freaking out! I kind of can't wait to meet this kid and find out who it is that's been hanging out for the past while!

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