Monday, April 8, 2013

Design inspired

You know how sometimes you live somewhere and despite your best efforts it doesn't do it for you? That's my bedroom. I love the pieces that make up my bedroom so much, individually. My appletini bed bakes me swoon. I simply adore the girly ikea lampshades. And I love the functionality of our ikea dresser and nightstands. My DIY art makes me proud and feel frugal but instead of feeling like one cohesive space it feels random and jumbled. Until now.
I was given a desk and with the prospect of this desk I have been inspired to finish my bedroom. I'll be like a real like grown up not some messy teenager.
The desk is a work in progress but I promise you it will be awesome. And perfect. And so much better than the janky ikea wannabe desk we got at target last summer. I have big plans for that desk And my bedroom.

For your viewing pleasure the knobs that started it all: anthropologie.

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