Thursday, October 8, 2015

Christmas is coming....

According to the calendar, it's October 8th. That means 8 days until Barry's birthday, 14 days until our 11th wedding anniversary, 23 days until Emilia turns 3 (months or something?), 27 days until Owen turns 5!, and 40 days until I turn 27 (again). To say that the next two months are busy is a slight understatement. We have family coming at the beginning of November and a couple small trips as well.

So I'm thinking ahead. Trying to prepare a bit for Christmas so that stress doesn't suck the joy out. So I can be present. Make cookies, listen to annoying Christmas music with my kids, and watch as many lifetime or abc family Christmas movies I can find. I don't want to freak. I want to be chill. And I've found in my 27+4 years that planning helps that be achievable.

I need dollhouse help. I really think that's something that Owen and Emilia would enjoy. She spent over 30 minutes the other day putting my lotion bottle to bed. (seriously). There was a mama, baby and daddy. Because she and Owen are BFF and because everything pink doesn't need to be the way it is, I would prefer a gender neutral doll house. You know, just a house with dolls. Not a princess pink castle, or hot pink house with zebra walls. Just plain. Classic.

My kids have played with the Pottery Barn Kids ones in store. Like little moths to flames they were drawn to the tiny dolls and small furniture. So that was where I went first. They have a really beautiful one that seems to fit my requirements if not on the small side. Price is good at $99
(farmington dollhouse, PBK)

I obviously scoured amazon. My ol' faithful. Not a day goes by that I don't have a package from amazon on my porch. (that's probably extremely accurate). I love love love prime and I love not having to PAY for shipping outright. I know I technically pay for shipping in the amazon prime membership fee but with the number of times we order from amazon it's totally worth it.

This Melissa and Doug has potential. I wish it was just a little more plain. The walls are pretty decorated. The price is comparable to the pottery barn as well, with prime shipping! $103 at time of publication. I also appreciate that it comes with dolls and some furniture, unlike the pottery barn.

Hape has great, quality toys. This one is pretty rad, though a little bright/busy for the look I was going for. It's also a bit more expensive but it comes with a ton of furniture. $141 at time of publication.

The final house I'm considering on my initial quest for dollhouses comes from Plan Toys. We have had several Plan Toys in the past and present. My kids love them, the quality is great and they use their imagination a lot. This house is dope! It's modern and fun. Comes with furniture but no dolls. Price is $156 

So, do you have a dollhouse you just LOVE? Hate? Any reviews of the ones posted above? Helllllp! 


Jo Ann Anderson said...

Our months to come look just like yours! Crazy! I'm hoping to accomplish the same, jump start Christmas, so I can just enjoy the holiday. We just have the fisher price doll house which is glammed up pink. However, the stuff that goes inside (dolls, tables, chairs) are so great and I would say pretty gender neutral. I think any of the choices you get are great, but I would for sure look into the fisher price stuff for inside the house. They have several additional packs you can get like camping, grilling or horse riding. I do love that I was able to buy all the same people that we have in our family, so a dad, mom, brother and 3 girls. Also, I noticed on my voyage to Ikea they have a doll house which was pretty cute. Very modern with little tiny Ikea stuff in it....of course at a very Ikea price. Goodluck! I'm jealous everyday of all your fun in the sun!

Casey, Gillian, Lilah, & Violet said...

We have the plan one you listed last. My kids don't love it. Even for Littles, it's low, and hard to access the Interior in some places. I think a flatter front one they could play side by side on one side would work better. The hape one looks like what I'd choose with the knowledge I have. A taller open from front to back more is more playable. The pb seems small for together play.