Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Whoa nelly

It's been a while. I had a secret trip to Seattle planed. Surprised my mom for Valentine's Day and spent the weekend with my BFFFFFFF.

Since then it's been radio silence in the Missourian front 

Be prepared for an onslaught of #OOTD. 

Traveling Day- (side note, see that pile of laundry creeping towards me?? Yeah, no. Me either). 
Cardi- thrifted gap. It's wool and warm but I don't know if I'll need another wool sweater in FL
Shirt- one of my faves. From Nordstrom rack. 
Jeans- citizens of humanity. Another pair of faves. Sadly, after traveling all day and changing into my sweatpants, I noticed the beginnings of a hole in the booty of these beloved pants. 😢
Booties- gap
Then I was gone for the weekend and wore sweats for the first few days I was home. #JetLagOrSomething

I did get dressed one day to venture to target but didn't take #OOTD pics

This is a look you've seen before. 
Booties-Steve Madden

Sunday we had every intention of attending church. I got dressed. That's like 90% of the battle. 
Then Emilia fell asleep and then Owen did.

Shirt-polka dot denim button up
Skirt-thrifted minty goodness 
Boots-cowboy boots
Necklace- @envedesigns (on Instagram)

Monday? Maybe?
Cardi- Eddie Bauer cabled cotton- too small/not flattering. Donate pile
Shell-anthro (thrifted)
Jeans- citizens (yeah the ones with the hole!)


After a crazy day with the kids I ran away to target. To torture myself with bikinis. I felt alright about my bod walking in...not so much walking out. 
Cardi-wool gap thrifted 
Tee-mossimo recently 
Boots-Naya for free people ❤️
And finally, today. 

Cardi-mossimo. Mustard. Goodness
Tee-AE. I mean it has lipstick kisses on it. 
Boots-Free People

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