Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday's Adventures

Today started out a little rougher than usual. Julian was having a rough time. I think he's not so used to having cousins around all the time, and having to stick up for himself and his little brother most of the time! :)

We went to Draper to meet a really sweet friend, Becky! She works for goodmama. Like an idiot, I forgot my camera in the car, and didn't take any pictures. All I can say is that she's amazingly sweet and that Julian has a major crush! (Watch out JOSH!!)

We then went to Ikea, and I totally miss having one. The nearest one is in Minneapolis, I think, so next time we need furniture, we're totally making the trip! We had a delicious lunch, where Gabriel devoured an entire cup of macaroni and cheese and a kids meatball meal! Holy moley! Julian preferred to eat a 'juicy sammich' which is one of those Uncrustables? He seriously loves them.

Becky is so sweet and bought Julian a tea set. For those of you that don't know, he has been wanting a tea set for the longest time. I have no objections to him owning/playing with a tea set, I just however, didn't want him to play with a 100% pink girly princess tea set. Something a bit more gender neutral is more my cup-o-tea. This is the tea-set she bought him.
He's seriously even more in love now! :)

Here is a picture of Julian, Gabriel and their cousin Ashley, having a 'tea party' :) Thankfully, this time the tea was fake!

After we left Ikea, we drove around Lehi. It was weird to be in Lehi, but knowing that Kristy wasn't there. We drove to the cemetery to visit her grave. I'd seen pictures of her gravestone, but never in real life.

This is a poem written by Kristy

Crazy Julian

Little G

Cute picture of Gabe and Barry

Shortly after we got to the cemetery, Julian said he had to go peepee so so so bad. So we stayed for a few minutes and then headed to Target. So recently, our portable DVD player died. When I say died, I mean that the battery, despite having been charged for at least 24 hours, will only play for less than 10 minutes before dying. So the drive over from Iowa (14 + hours of DRIVING) was a little rough. We did end up buying Bendaroos for J, which actually worked really well in the distraction department. One of Julian's cousins has this cool toy called a Leapster 2. We decided to buy this thing for Julian for the drive back. It's sitting in my trunk, just waiting for our drive home. We also got him the UP game to go with it. I like that it's educational, and will keep him busy.

After Target, we went to my favorite restaurant in the world. Now, some of you might say that Culver's is my favorite restaurant. Well it's not. Cafe Rio is by far my favorite place to eat in the entire world.
If you are ever near a Cafe Rio, please, please please, eat a pork barbacoa salad with extra cilantro lime house dressing for me!

Julian loved the kids quesadilla (how it's different from the ones I make at home, I don't know? Probably the fresh tortilla?) Anyway, he ate the whole thing!!

Poor Gabe-sacked out. He totally didn't know what he was missing.


rebecca said...

Love the tea set pictures. Now I'm craving Cafe Rio! haha

The K in KAB said...

let me know how the leapster thing works out - we've looked at them a billion times for Beckett!

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. It's always great to "meet" other Hugh Dancy fans. He really is quite dreamy.
I see you're in Iowa. Is you husband at the University of Iowa? A family just moved into our ward from Iowa. The husband just got his PhD from the UofI. It's a small world, huh?