Wednesday, September 9, 2009

He can hear!!!

So Gabriel's been plagued by frequent ear infections. He's had 2 or 3 this summer :/ We took him to the pediatrician for another ear infection back in July. Our wonderful pediatrician looked back at his history and suggested we meet with an ENT to see if Gabe would qualify for tubes. We met with the ENT last Tuesday (the 1st) and he said Gabe would benefit greatly from tubes, and scheduled him for 'surgery' on the 8th (yesterday)!
The surgery was scheduled for 6 am. We got there a few minutes before 6, per instructions, and Gabe was unable to eat anything after midnight Monday. (It's a good thing he ate a TON at the BBQ!!)

After a little while, we got pulled back into his little room. Here he is waiting for the anesthesiologist to come back.
Gabe's Surgery

Gabe's surgery

That is "puppy" who is Gabe's BFF. He loves that dog!

So after a while the anesthesiologist came back and said Gabriel would be under for less than 10 minutes, and super crabby when he came out of the anesthetic. After another bit, the anesthesiologist came back and asked me to walk Gabe to the surgery room (right before the 'sterile' part) So I did, went back and gathered my stuff, and went into the waiting room to wait for the doc.

So Gabe had hernia surgery when he was 3 months old. He had inguinal hernias. That was a quick surgery. We waited like 30 minutes before the doctor came back to talk to us. I was expecting a wait like that, so I brought knitting with me. Not just one project, but two. Boy as I wrong. I had literally just sat down on the couch, and pulled my knitting project out, and knit about 10 stitches before the doctor came in to give me the details!

I went back to get Gabe, and boy was he crabby! It only lasted a few minutes though, and he's been ok ever since. He's talking more already. Not like WORDS, yet, but tons of sounds. It's like he's finally hearing himself for the first time, and he likes what he hears. Definitely reaffirms the decision to have it done. The doctor had said his right ear was infected again, ugh! He's been pretty crabby, but nothing unbearable!

Here he is being super silly. I bought these longies to frog (which means pull them apart) and reknit them for Gabe. They were super cheap, and that yarn is hard to find!


Angela said...

YAY for hearing!! It is an important skill to have. LMBO

Cuuute pics as always. :)

jmason said...

I'm glad you are seeing progress in his hearing already!