Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day Trippers

So, I've lived in Iowa a whole year! And you know what? I haven't seen anything!

Last Friday, Sandy, who also doubles as my knitting instructor, friend and SOS Adviser, took us out on a day trip to see Des Moines! I'm ridiculously excited for this new group. I love Des Moines and the surrounding areas, I just don't know much about it!

On Friday we went to Saylorville Lake. There is a butterfly garden there, and anyone who knows Julian, knows he loooooves butterflies (and all bugs really). It was a little chilly for the butterflies, but let me tell ya, there were plenty of other bugs hanging out!

All of these pics are straight out of the camera, no editing done (not even cropping).

Here's Julian in front of his favorite bird's nest. A Bald Eagle. (He thinks EVERY bird flying in the sky is a Bald Eagle, and will tell you so).

Pointing at the egg

My cute boy

(Oh and the reason there are no pictures of Gabriel running rampant here is because I was wearing him on my back!)

Here is a critter that Julian discovered sitting on this gorgeous red flower. (Later I had one of these critters crawling on me!!!!! I totally screamed like a girl, and Julian laughed, and laughed, and laughed.)

Once we got to the garden, I decided Gabe would do better walking/running. He needed to get tired out! LOL!

Another critter Julian found!

Bumblebee! (I love the bokeh)

The ONE butterfly we found

Julian and his BFF Sandy. He wouldn't leave her side!

The closest thing I could get to a good picture of my 2 boys

Julian keeps talking about this ladybug garbage can

This one just shows ya how CRAZY Gabe's hair is!

The boys running ahead of me

After the garden, we drove over 'the longest bridge in the whole wide world' according to Julian, and over to the lake. Apparently migrating pelicans go there to catch fish! We couldn't see the, they were far away, but here's a bird!

Super cute boys
Sandy had some binoculars just Julian's size. He was stoked!

Here are some of the pelican's flying!

And crazy face Gabriel after we got home from the outing! He had some fluffy mail, some new diapers, longies, and yummy things! He was excited!


Julie said...

how fun!

Tara Ethington said...

I thoroughly enjoyed that entry...the pics you took were awesome and Gabe's face at the end! That's the best! Iowa actually seems pretty cool. I'm glad you're enjoying it there.

Shannon said...

the pictures are amazing... looks like a fun day!

Kara and Colin said...

Wow a couple of those bug pics looked professional! Amazing! And I love your babies little face in that picture. It reminds me of a boy version of Boo from Monster's Inc. :)

Mary Jo said...

Great pictures! It's so fun to get out to new places.

Angela said...

SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!! You took some really great pics, C!!! :)

I am kinda partial to Iowa. You know, cuz I was born there. No, really! Sioux City! :)