Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Palizzis are CRAZY!

So if you've ever questioned my sanity, good job.

We put up our Christmas tree this weekend. In November. Those of you that know me, know that I'm not the biggest fan of Christmas, in November, or any month that doesn't start with D. OK I do partake of the occasional Christmas in July sale.

For months, Julian's been wanting to put up our Christmas tree. Months. We kept telling him, after Halloween maybe. After Halloween. In November. Then it was Halloween. And November. And I ran out of reasons to put it off. So Friday night, after Barry came home, we put up our tree! It's just a cheap artificial to us, but to Julian? The greatest thing EVER.

I think this is the first year that he really, truly understands everything about Christmas. The tree, sitting on Santa's lap, writing a letter to the big jolly fellow, stockings, or as he calls them, socks, decorating our tree, watching Christmas movies, he loooooves Frosty and watches both movies all year long. We're working on the spiritual aspect. I'm very excited to put up my Nativity scene for the first time this year. It's really special to me. It reminds me of Kristy.

Gabriel is completely amazed by our tree. He comes down the stairs in the morning and says, "Wowwwwww." It's adorable, and sweet, and he's excited for Christmas this year. Baby has no idea what is coming his way!

Yesterday, we decorated our tree. By we, I mean Julian. I tried doing it reasonably, you know, actually spacing out the balls, but Julian had other plans. He's decorating still this morning. Which is fine with me. After all, Christmas is about making things magical for him. It's my duty as his mother to make this magical, wonderful, and memorable. If he wants the tree in early November, it's my job to make it happen. If he wants a pony...ha just kidding. The closest thing to a pony my kids are EVER getting, is one of those stuffed ones at Costco.

Yesterday we also had the opportunity to hang out with some awesome people! Katrina is a photographer, and a member of SOS. It's been a year almost since we had family pictures taken by my BFF Stacy Jacobsen. A year, can you believe it? I know I can't. Well, Katrina and I did a little trade. She took some pictures of us, and I (and Barry) of her.

Here are the ones we LOVE that she took!


I actually love this one most of all. Mostly because Gabriel is the only normal looking one. He looks like he's thinking, crazy family. We SMILE in pictures. Cheeeeese.

Then, you know when you're married and you have kids, and then suddenly there are absolutely NO pictures of you and your husband or wife, by yourselves? Yeah, we fixed that yesterday!




Barry took this one of me and Gabe, and I just love it

Seriously. How did I get to live in such a beautiful, picturesque area?

Here are just some other cute pictures of the boys I took.


Seriously the closest thing to LOOKING I could get. 3 is a tough age






If you've seen Yo Gabba Gabba, you know they do a section called "FUNNY FACE" here's Gabe's rendition



Shannon said...

your family is beautiful!!!! and the scenery was gorgeous too.

what a good mom to put up the christmas tree for julian... we usually put ours up thanksgiving weekend, but who knows this year with miss hadley. i am sure she will want to destroy it!!!!

p.s. love the picture of you and barry!!!

Kurage said...

Gorgeous pics!! I love the ones in the leaves! But where's the picture of Julian's Christmas tree?

Carly said...

I LOOVE THE PICTURES! You are beautiful, your haircut turned out great and The boys are cuter than ever...Barry, too! I love you guys! PS. we've been watching Christmas movies nonstop since Halloween and I even added "Josh Groban Holiday" to my Pandora today.

james and natalie said...

i absolutely love that you put the christmas tree up for j. you are such a cool mom. i want to be just like you. and i love your family pictures! you guys really look so cute together. thanks for sharing~

Jaime said...

So cute!!! I loved the location and you guys look grat.