Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Day of School!

In my futile attempt at 'catching up' I'm going to post some pictures of my boys' first day of preschool. It happened exactly 2 weeks ago, September 8th. Gabe was not so enthused about going to preschool, despite many failed attempts at sneaking into Julian's class last year. To say that I was nervous for my baby would be an understatement.

Gabe was really excited to wear his backpack, like J.

Julian goes to class 15 whole minutes before Gabe does. So we had some time to kill. Before class started, we ran into one of Julian's best friends, Mya!

J is obviously thrilled for mamarazzi to be in full force.

I think in this picture, he was trying to tell me that his class is this way...

Julian, as expected, adores preschool. Loves his teachers and is generally excited to go. The one drawback for him? The clothing requirement. I think he'd like school much better if he were free to wear his undies.

Gabe on the other hand, he's taken some convincing. Today was the first day he didn't cry. The first day he played with his teachers, and the first day he didn't look at me like, "OH MY GOSH MOM YOU SAVED ME" when I picked him up. So we're gonna take that as a good sign.

Gabe's first day of school stamp. (I totally remember Julian LOVING the stamps in the 2 year old class! Gabe's following suit)


I just love his profile.

And Here Ma hold my backpack

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james, natalie & scott said...

so so adorable. love those boys. i'm so nervous to send scott off to preschool. with his personality i know he'd love it but i can't accept that he's almost old enough to go! what will i do without him?