Sunday, December 12, 2010

The time is flying by!

If I thought time moved fast with two kids, it's moving three times as fast with three. I never shared Owen's newborn pictures with you. Or his birth announcement (which is going out in the mail this week, along with our fabulous Christmas cards). Or his 1 month pictures. That's right folks. My BABY is already past the one month mark! So I'm going to share.

Owen's Newborn Shoot. This was my second time photographing a newborn, in any sort of artistic way. With Julian, I just had my P&S camera, and was SNAP.HAPPY. Seriously. And Gabe? Well, I had Stacy. And she does amazing work. So I had no reason to take pictures of my own. I attempted pictures of my nephew Preston when he was first born, and some of them turned out OK, but nothing stellar, nothing special. Just cute baby, ya know? I'm pretty proud of the way these turned out. I'm not posting, because there'd be probably 100. These are some of my favorites from the little session.






The announcement! Designed by my DEAR friend, Jackie! She's so amazing!

Owen's One Month!
I appliqued this onesie on the 3rd, knowing I'd need to take pictures on the 4th. My *goal* is to have a onesie or t-shirt for every month-day. We'll see how I do! He looks SO different, already! I can't believe it. Looking at his newborn pictures made me all misty, and newborn hungry! There's something just irrisistable about a squishy, snuggly, newborn! Also, early reports show that Owen, SHOCKINGLY, may look like ME!




I weighed myself the other night, and then weighed Owen, and he was 11.8 lbs! Holy Toledo! Such a big boy, but he's SO long, that he doesn't look as chubby as my babies usually do! He doesn't have an appointment until 2 months, so I won't have anything official until then! He is such a good baby, and sleeps pretty well. He usually wakes once in the night to eat, get a diaper change, and then goes back to sleep until 7ish. Mama likes!

We had a special visitor here the last week. Barry's mom, Ann, came to visit us! She's the first of the Palizzis to make the trek to Iowa! We had so much fun. She made English Toffee that was supposed to be for the ladies I visiting teach, but it accidentally got eaten. And sugar cookies! We went to WaterWorks park and saw the Christmas Lights. Got the Christmas shopping done for the boys. Let me just say, Julian and Gabe are going to be HAPPY CAMPERS come Christmas Morning! Nailed down Christmas presents for my niece and nephews! It was a really fun visit!

Julian eating a cookie!

The boys got a little sprinkle happy...


I love the Costco Gingerbread House Kits, and so do the boys!

Julian said the next morning, "Mommy, I tried to use a gumdrop as the door knob, but it didn't work. Sooooo, I ate it."



Well this post is mighty long! So I'll bid you adieu!


Rosie said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful family! So happy for you <3

Shannon said...

i love love love your birth announcement... it came out great!!! own is so cute!

i wish i ordered the month stickers, but i didn't... i guess i'll have to make my own again.

jamie said...

he is sooooo cute! i love picture #4. You did a great job. I need to come visit you! text me your address and I will come see you soon.

Jaime said...

Oh my holy torture, those are cute pictures!!! Miss you guys!