Friday, December 3, 2010

Ho Ho Ho!

It's that time of year again. Christmas card time. In past years, I've designed my own Christmas card, been really organized and had family pictures taken in a timely matter. This year? Not so much. Having my third baby a month ago (cry cry, time goes by SO quickly!) has kind of thrown a wrench in my typical holiday preparations.

Enter Shutterfly!

They have SO many adorable designs for Christmas cards, it was nearly impossible for me to pick JUST one. I was able to though, after much deliberation.

It seriously couldn't be easier to upload your favorite Christmas picture, or pictures, and order your card for the 2010 Holiday Season!

There are seriously SO many fabulous designs to choose from. I know that you'll have trouble deciding, just as I did! There are designs for every personality!

Here are some of my favorite ones, but I did not include the one I am going to order! There's gotta be SOME surprises in life :)

#1-Snowflake Elegnace

#2-Holiday Lights

#3-Paper Ornaments

I had so much fun taking pictures of the boys for our shoot. And the boys? Cooperated. For the most part. Owen was a typical diva, and wouldn't look at the camera :)

Here are some pictures that WON'T be seen on our family Christmas card!

Total Cheeseballs

Another awesome thing about ordering from Shutterfly? It's not JUST Christmas cards, or prints. There are SO many amazing gifts! Photo books? Yep! Calendars? You betcha! Canvas Wall Art? You know it!

I am so excited for my Christmas cards this year, and it was so much easier. I', not designing another Christmas Card! Shutterfly is the way to go!

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Shannon said...

love the pictures... we did a brown theme this year too. your boys are just so cute!!!!