Friday, March 25, 2011

We Are Here!

In Washington, that is. The drive was...surprisingly not that bad. I mean I prefer riding in my car, with 3 kids, for 25 hours, to say a root canal. But my boys were AMAZING. Seriously. They were the reason we only stopped for one night, in Billings, MT. They were the reason that we stopped for a real lunch on the way here, and a real dinner vs. just fast food. They were sooo good. Seriously the trip down exceeded my expectations. Now I'm a smidge nervous for the drive back. We plan on buying some more new DVDs so that they're entertained. This DVD player is seriously worth its weight in gold, or something else highly expensive and worth lots of moolah! It's amazing.

Excuse Owen's crazy eyes in this one. Here's how the boys rode.

We've been able to see a handful of people since getting here late Saturday night. Sunday morning we went up to visit Grandma Ann and Al and the boys. Our boys had so much fun running around and seeing the neighbor's new chickens. Sunday night, my parents had dinner ready, Thanksgiving, yum! And we were able to see Aunt Angee and Aunt Jess and Preston. It was the first time either of them had met little Owen. Sunday night, Owen was a little fevery and a lot drooly. I'm betting he's teething hard core. So I gave him his first big boy bath. He looooved it.

Tuesday afternoon the boys and I drove out to see Carly. Owen needed to meet his little BFF.
Little Linc and Owen are just one week apart. I was so bummed and jealous when Carly went into labor at 38 weeks, and I was STILL pregnant. We were due the same day. The boys are almost the exact same size, Owen's a little bigger, I think.

The bigs, her kids are almost the same age as mine, had a picnic.

Look at this smile. Such a sweet boy.

And check out Carly's view! AMAZING!

Wednesday, the boys and I ventured up to Walmart to get some supplies, groceries, and of course, Diet Dr Pepper. Then while they napped for almost 4 hours!!!!! I went to visit with my old friend Shanda. She loved on Owen, and we were able to catch up. It was so nice.

Yesterday, the boys and I went down to my old stomping grounds, the Super Mall! Tere'sh a new bouncy place that was super fun, and Julian and Gabe went up and down the slide countless times. They played so well with Oliver and Tavin, and I was shocked to see how big little Jack is. I mean, I know. He's 1 now, but wow!

There's definitely something to be said about the Pacific Northwest. I'd almost forgotten what mountains look like until we were passing through them in South Dakota. It's SO green here. But with all of the trees and green comes allergens, which most of us are suffering with.

Barry's enjoying his rotation, though not the Washington traffic. Luckily he's going opposite the flow, and not hitting it to bad. He's been seriously spoiled by this year's rotations, I think.


Kara and Colin said...

How long is Barry's rotation in Washington? Glad you guys made it safe!

Katrina said...

I'm glad that you made it and that you and boys are having fun while Barry is at his rotation! Enjoy the time with your family!