Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Why hello there!

I'm in post birthday party coma. Gabe turned 3. I have eaten more cupcakes than should be legal, but dang. They're GOOD!

We had a little party at my house on Saturday for 10 of Gabe's closest friends. It was so fun, and not TOO crazy, just the right amount of crazy. I did get mobbed at the candy table though, it did resemble a circus!

I'm ashamed to admit I haven't had a date with my friend Mr. Treadmill in a WEEK! Too much party preparations! But I vow that I will reunite with my friend, and continue working out. I have noticed a definite difference in my energy level since stopping my workouts. So tonight, I will work out!

The party was so fun though. The decorations were perfectly circus-y. I'm so thankful to have Stacy Jacobsen as my BFF! She designed all the graphics!


{left to right-Owen & Daddy. Delicious Carrot Cake Cupcake with Cream Cheese Icing for Gabe's preschool class. Gabe's Birthday shirt. Sweet Heart Cupcakes, in circus colors. Finished Cupcakes, with toppers. Bean Bag Game with Tent graphics. (BEST GAME IDEA EVER! The kids LOVED it!) Lollipops with 3 graphic. Gabe's special cupcake. All of the cupcakes! Yum!}

{More cupcakes. Waterbottles. Waterbottles. Treatbag. My favorite of the graphics!}

Candy table!




The photo booth! SO much fun! All of the kids got into it (except for Owen, ha!)



Thank you so much to those that made this party possible! Thanks for spending my baby boy's 3rd birthday with us! It was sure fun! ;&hearts


Katrina said...

looks like you had a GRAND time!

Kate Nally said...

What an awesomely ADORABLE birthday party!!!

Miss Pink said...

Naww those boys are funny. How awesome did it all turn out. It looks fantastic!!

Kara and Colin said...

Christia that is such an amazing party! So cool! I'm sure Gabe had a blast!

Suzie said...

Wow, you did a Great job!! A circus party is on my list of favorites .. :)