Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Bedroom DIY Art!

So you know when you're looking at a catalog or magazine, and it hits you, like "THAT is exactly what I need for ______." Yeah that happened to me. Twice. Once while perusing the Land of Nod Catalog. I found the most perfect art for my bedroom. It was in a little girl's room, a page I normally would have skipped right over due to the fact that the only uterus in our house was mine. But since Emilia was born I'm looking more and more at the little girl's sections and rooms, slowly retraining my brain to not instantly reject all things pink. Our bedroom is plain. It's painted a glorious color, it has amazing cathedral ceilings, and my bed is the perfect shade of appletini. Aside from that though? We don't have much going for it. I've been wanting art for above my bed since we moved here. Nothing ever felt right. Until that fateful night I was reading LON. Untitled I thought. Hey. I can make that. Certainly for much less than they're charging. And then I didn't. For a long time. Like three weeks or something. And then after Christmas, I was thrifting (which by the way, is my new most favorite thing to do!!) and found the perfect frames, there were two. I was also reading Elle decor and stumbled across something else that would work, and inspired the phrase. My bedroom art Seize The Day! Carpe Diem! Perfect! So I found these frames at Goodwill for $3 each (ouch, hefty price tag!) My bedroom art (say hi to little Emilia in the background :) ) The Before...yeah not so much my style My bedroom art Wrapping the 'canvas' with newspaper! My bedroom art Painting My bedroom art My bedroom art And note to self. Do not leave paint brush with paint and completed project in anywhere a 2 year old could POSSIBLY reach. Just don't. And hung! (Seriously these have been done for like 4 weeks. Someone else isn't super good at doing things when they're finished...) :D I love it. Cheesy? A little bit. But I plan on hanging some pictures of Europe, hopefully tall skinny pictures next to the frames, or maybe something else entirely. For now though, I'm more than satisfied with my $6 art. Wayyyyy better than nothing! :)

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