Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Promise

I hate the word resolution. I feel like it's just setting myself up for failure by making them year after year. 2013 will be different. No more resolutions. Just promises.

In 2013 I promise to:
Yell less
Clean more
Cuddle more
Spend time with my kids, one on one, more
Spend less time on the computer
Eat in more often and out way less
I want to work on eating more whole foods and teaching my children to eat and make healthy choices
I want to decorate my house on the cheap
Read more
Knit more
Craft more
Get better at the things I love
Shoot more (photography that is! I'm kinda anti guns myself but that's a whole 'nother post!)
Be a better friend
Love more
Smile more
Run more ( I have a goal to run a half marathon for my 30th birthday in November. Who's with me?)
I want to get fit and healthy
Support my husband, he works so hard and such long hours. I need to do a better job supporting him and encouraging him
Get out of my shell
Make friends
Get dressed and feel pretty more
Embrace my body, it's gone through a lot, 4 kids yo!
Love my children and encourage them to be just that. Children. Loud. Messy. Crazy. Children.

I'm sure I will think of many more. They're nothing specific, but more just general goals that in the end will make me a better person.

Here's to 2013. A new year full of endless possibilities! Are you a resolution maker? What are your for 2013?

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ali said...

Baby #1 due in less than 4 weeks. I promise to be the best mommy and wife I can be! And to stress less about where we'll be in life years down the road and try to enjoy the present more. I've been a bit stressed about the financial changes in our life with my husband going back to school and me possibly not working or at least not making as much with daycare costs!