Tuesday, January 27, 2009


My friend Debbi had this on her blog babymaker
Apparently, ME

+ Rob Pattinson

= THIS?!?!?!?!

Ok, so using different pictures of me! resulted in a cuter baby!


Heather said...

Well I don't know who Rob Pattinson is, but that first baby is really freaky looking! Your own kids are way cuter.

Debbi said...

yes, I am just glad mine - and your - real babies are cuter, because they all looked a little freaky, don't you think? besides, the one baby that wade and shaina twain made was the same exact baby that my friend john and lindy made?!?! I don't know how it works....but it's funny and a little addictive.

james and natalie said...

wow! you are totally going to create the next renesme... or should i say christbarry??

Rhonda said...

Yuck...a devil baby or alien. your babies are sooooooooocute Love Mommy

Crysler's said...

That's totally funny, that is the same exact baby that my husband and I got! It's on my blog if you look back aways. That was also our second attempt because the first one made me think we should never have children!