Friday, January 23, 2009

So proud of Julian

So I know that a while ago, I posted about our potty learning woes and successes. Before we went to Washington for Christmas Julian was probably 70% PL'd (Potty Learned.) When we got to Washington, and on the airplanes, I kind of pushed it to the side. I didn't really want to worry about it while I was dealing with everything else, and I didn't want to bring Julian to the bathroom ever 5 seconds on the plane. What would I have done with Gabriel. Well, on Sunday, Julian's girlfriend, Brooklyn, came over. She's a few months younger than Julian, and POTTY LEARNED! Julian saw Brooklyn go potty on the toilet and decided that he wanted to also. And it's been since Sunday and he's only had 2 accidents! Both were totally my fault! I'm so excited to have only one in diapers! It's crazy that it happened so quickly! He even wakes up dry, and pees in public restrooms! (Only the one at DMU!)

Also, I've been postponing blogging because, this is so silly and embarrassing, but this is my 100th post! I know that the 100th post is supposed to be some big hurrah, and potty learning doesn't really follow that! HA! I will do one of those fun surveyish things, eventually!

Gabriel is hilarious. He is so funny! And I think that he's learning some words. It's crazy, because I can't remember anything about when Julian started talking. I would SWEAR that Gabriel says "Thank You" "Brother" and "Poley" is that possible?! All of you Babyzoners that read this, when do they talk!?!? How did I forget this? I love Gabriel's 8 little teeth, and his funny little laugh. Today I was laughing at something my friend Barb said, and Gabriel was walking around, fake laughing, "heh heh heh" and then just walked off to play.

I've been doing a lot of knitting! I finished Heather's longies! I'll post them on the blog once I've finished sewing the star on the booty! They are SO cute! I'm almost tempted to knit Gabriel a matching pair, buuuut, for him, I need to get cracking on his first birthday longies! Can you believe he's almost 1!? I know that I can't. And Julian is almost 3! I'm excited to spend Julian's 3rd birthday in Washington! That will be so fun! (Thank you Heather!)

Well I need to get to knitting and then clean up my living room! Brooklyn & Aubrey are coming over to play for a little while!


Katrina the Medical Student's better Half! said...

Congrats on being PL parent! It's very exciting when you are so proud of your little one! YEAH Julian!!!

Debbi said...

only the pottys at dmu? Not even the cute tiny ones at the mall? haha! What a funny boy, but congratulations! What great news. I know there are kids Noah's age doing the whole potty thing, but I just can't do it yet. I guess my philosphy is that you can't wait "too long" and the longer that you wait, the eaiser it gets (or at least with Gage it did!)

I love reading all your knitting projects. It makes me miss Iowa and all the fun girls, tell them all hi (the ones that know me;)

Heather said...

It's awesome when they're finally PL'd!! I don't miss Cooper's diapers at all.

Happy 100th post! I couldn't think of anything to write for mine either.

Ashley Webb said...

Yea!! I'm so glad Brooklyn is a good influence on him! She sure loves him! Thanks so much for watching them for us - they always have a blast at your house.