Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thought I would share... we've lived in Iowa for almost 7 months! (HOLY COW! That's gone by extremely fast!!) And within the last month, Barry, the boys and I have found an amazing discovery.

Seriously. WOW! It's delicious, and I'm seriously addicted! This weekend we signed up for the Culver's E-club! GREAT idea! We got a coupon for Buy one value meal, get one FREE! Also because Gabriel's birthday is tomorrow (CRY!!!) we got another coupon for a free scoop of custard, which, to be perfectly honest, is the best 'ice cream' I have ever had! Not to mention the 'Scooper Meal' which is HUGE, and fed both kids, AND came with a free scoop of delicious frozen custard! Barry and I have joked, I guess we'll base our residency choices on where there's a Culver's. Yep, it's that good!


jmason said...

We LOVE Culver's!!! In fact, we are going there for lunch today... I love me a snack pack with cheese!

Heather said...

OMG, Culver's is the BEST! I love their cheese curds. I take the boys every weekend for lunch.

Katrina the Medical Student's better Half! said...

I always get a kids meal because it has enough to fill me up and I get frozen custard at the end of the meal...however if you are watching your "points" on weight watchers (like I am) then it is very high and not worth it. But I do love Culver's as well