Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today was an adventure!

Today we went shopping for Gabriel's birthday party supplies. Yes, I said Gabriel. Not Julian. It seems inconceivable that Gabriel should be having a birthday. Wasn't I *just* pregnant?! Didn't I *just* find out that I was pregnant?! Yeah it seems that way, but it's obvious when you look at my little MAN, no longer a baby, he's a full fledged toddler now, that it's been far longer than I thought!

I am having trouble figuring out what to get Mr. Gabe for his birthday. Seriously, what do you get for a baby, no boy, that has everything? I knit him some longies, and I am praying they fit! (They totally should, but it would be JUST my luck!) I want Julian to get him something also, but Julian doesn't really comprehend 'giving' which is the reason I want him to pick something out just for his brother!

Here is my littlest beefcake
From February2009


Anonymous said...

It is tough to buy gifts for the second child, because they not only have all of the first child's old toys, but they really only want to play with what their big brother is playing with!

I bought Lily a couple of new books that are *hers* and a Radio Flyer 360 Turtle. She loves both.

Jon & Bridget said...

When my nephew turned one I got him the little leap frog magnetic animal farm matching thing that goes on the fridge. He loves it. When JT turned 1 my sister got it for us. Just something to think about if you don't have it already! :) I can't believe he is 1 either. JT is going to be 2 in a few months and that stresses me out. BTW... I love all the stuff you knit. YOu are very talented!

Rhonda said...

That picture is the one I picked to print out. I wish you'd send me some so they would be REAL PICTURES. I know your busy.Love MOM

Ginger said...

When Justin turned one we bought him a Tonka ride-on that was just for him. As you already know though, because they are so close in age, Alexis ended up playing with it too, so I guess I'm not really much help! :)

Tyler, Jamie and Addie! said...

Maybe you already have these, but i've seen the MEGA Blocks entertain ages from 9months to 3,4,etc. Addie has loved hers and all the other little kids do too. Oh and Addie and I both loved the ugli fruit too, wasn't that lady such a kick?!!