Sunday, August 30, 2009

Family Home Morning?

Well, my boys are both sick-ish. Unexplained fevers? With Gabriel, that usually means that he's got an ear infection on the way. He has an appointment with the ENT on Tuesday.

Today, we decided since we weren't going to make it to church, we would do Family Home Morning. Julian was bummed about the lack of dessert at 9 am, but we had a good time. We talked about Heavenly Father, and who he is, and how much He loves us. We talked a little about Jesus, and our family. I was supposed to draw a picture, and after drawing Daddy, Mommy, Julian and Gabriel, Julian got seriously concerned and said, "Mommy you forgot LOLA!" Hehe! Someone is hoping for a little sister in the near future. Keep hoping buddy!

So, we then got out the Scrabble board game and Julian helped me make some words.

I'm going to print these out for the boys' room.


We went to the I-park, as Julian calls it. I was trying to take pictures for the goodmama photo contest. We were surprised to see a celebrity there...

Here is K-fed

Oooooh, just kidding that's Gabriel.




And Julian is obsessed with bones. He loves them. He loves to sit and read Netters Atlas of Anatomy. He loves them. This shirt, was perfect for him!

Also, Julian is so cute. He has a little hoarse voice today. On Spongebob, he is scared to lose his 'laughbox' and Julian today said, "Mommy, my scream box is broken!"


Kara and Colin said...

Oh, that's so sweet. Lola. Still love that name! I love the red/black/white pics of Gabriel. Hopefully he wins again!

jmason said...

OMG...the pic of "K-fed" is sooooo cute!!!

Angela said...

LMBO @ K-Fed!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your boys are adorable as always. Love the Scrabble shots!