Monday, January 4, 2010

Jesus wants him for a SUNBEAM!

Yep, you read that right, Julian, my firstborn, is now, a SUNBEAM! He wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea. He was just feeling comfortable in the routine of nursery, and then I gotta switch him up!

His regular teachers weren't there, which might be bad for next week. He told Barry that he liked his nursery teachers :/ I meant to take pictures of him all dressed in his Sunday's best, but the minute we walk in the house, he stripped down to his undies, realized it was too cold and found his 'sock pajamas' and wore them until bed. Because, who wears PJs to bed? Not Julian, that's FOR SURE!

He's oh-so-cooperative with the camera also.

I guess that should just teach me, don't get between a man and his video game.


In other exciting, growing up news, Julian got a hair cut. Now that may not seem like a big deal to you, those of you that have well behaved children, who sit nicely when getting haircuts. Julian, when getting a hair cut, is something like a rabid animal. One you have to hold down, all limbs, and fight the thrashing. I kid you not, last time I was SO exhausted after his haircut. He was so crazy.

This time, he sat nicely in the chair, while a stranger cut it for him. It was a sight to be seen, apparently. Barry took him, and the boys got haircuts together. Amazing, and she did a really good job.

Gabriel also had a super successful church day yesterday. He's had some tough times, the transition to nursery is tough. SO many kids, not enough parents (well not his parents), and he's never gone in there, and stayed, without either Barry or me sitting in there with him. Yesterday, Barry dropped him off at nursery, stayed for a few minutes, and then? He was fine. I spent more time, sitting with Julian in Sunbeams, than Barry did in nursery! So go, Gabe! He's getting bigger every day.

We got a new scale this week, to ya know, help with our New Years Resolutions. I weighed the boys, Julian's 35 lbs, at almost 4, and Gabriel is 31 lbs at almost 2. I love it. Julian was the same chubby way when he was 2. I just remember how big Julian looked after Gabe was born.




My cute, sweet, darling boys. (most of the time!)


Kurage said...

I'm guessing sunbeams is like sunday school? Axel goes to "kids chruch" and its almost like a bonus day of preschool for him! He loves doing the worksheets! And way to go Gabe for staying in the nursery! Oh and those footy pyjamas are adorable, where ever did you find them big enough for J?


jmason said...

Julian looks so grown up with his haircut! Very cute!!

Hansen's Fantastic Four! said...

Your boys ARE darling! Yes we are back finally! I've been dying to get back. I know that sounds silly but i was ready after 5 weeks of being away from my own home, car, bed, routine. I would take the cold just to have it all back! How are things for you? Hows Photography school going?

Jaime said...

Sunbeams! ahhh! Getting so big. (Ashtyn is actually 35 lbs too though...!) :) As soon as sacrament was over on Sunday Ashtyn crawled into my lap, looked me square in the eyes and said, "We won't go to big kid nursery today." yikes. We did take her and she actually did quite well after I stayed with her for 10 mintues or so. When we picked her up she said, "they had play dough just like you said!!" (I've been prepping her for weeks--she needs it).
Anyway, You've got some handsome fellas there. :) Couldn't get any cuter.

mamalife said...

nawww. You're right, its too fast, and strange, with a hint of excitement thrown in. I can't believe this year we are going to be mothers to 4 year olds!!! Sounds so old eh? And nudist 4 year olds at that. B is the same with jammies, they're off before he falls asleep, lol.
Yay to the haircut! Well done Julian