Tuesday, January 19, 2010

When did Julian get a social life?

Oh yeah. This week. Thursday afternoon, Julian had his friend from school come over to play. It was tons of fun, and they played Wii Sports Resort. It's hard with two (almost) 4 year olds. They get competitive. But Julian did have fun.

Then he got invited to his first birthday party, his BFF Oliver. That's not to say he's never been invited to a single birthday party. It's just different when the kid is his friend, and the parents aren't mine. Crazy. I told Julian to ask his friend, Oliver, what he wanted for his birthday. Julian told me, "Oh he'll want a Transformer." So tomorrow we're going to Target to pick out a Transformer for Oliver!

On Saturday we went to the Science Center of Iowa. Julian ADORED it. Gabe did too, but Julian was much more fascinated. They both highly enjoyed the bubble part!

Here are the boys before leaving for the Science Center.


I promise Julian was really excited, he just doesn't look it.

This picture is a little soft/out of focus, but it is cute to me.

These boys are keeping me busy. We are going to Washington in March, and Julian is SO excited. SO. I've been knitting a bit, and writing a bit. Just keeping busy.


Ashley Webb said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the Science Center!! We practically live there. Let me know if you ever want to go together! :)

Carly said...

I love you and those beautiful boys! I can't wait to see you!! We will have to do some fun field trips when you are home!