Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's official.

Julian is no longer a little kid. He's a full fledged child. One that goes to birthday parties SOLO. Yes, I dropped him off, he said, "Bye Mom." And threw a quick wave before running and joining his BFF Oliver for some partay fun!

When we got Oliver's invitation in the mail, I asked him what he though Oliver would like for his birthday. His response, "A Transformer! Oliver LOVES Transformers." (This is a true statement, he often wears Transformers T-shirst to preschool. So we went to Target to get a Transformer, and upon pulling into the parking lot, Julian said, "Mommy, I want to get him a jack-in-the-box." Uhm, right.

So after much debate, and much deliberation, and much convincing, Julian selected THIS (AKA the perfect toy ever for a 4 year old)

He was still highly tempted by the likes of this guy

But I was able to convince him otherwise.

Thank goodness.

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Carly said...

G thinks J in the B's are so funny because of Elf!! What a big boy JULIAN is!!