Monday, October 11, 2010

The Most Beautiful of Weekends!

So I don't know if you remember, but last year, this same weekend, in Des Moines, it SNOWED. Like snowed, snowed. And I was not at all prepared for this. If you want you can read back, here. This weekend? High 80's. Sunny, no wind. Just, perfect.

This rotation has been kind of crazy for Barry. Some days he's home by 5, others not until 7. It just varies, depending on the nursing home they are visiting, the patients, the doctors. Oh yeah, he's doing geriatrics. Friday afternoon, I got a call from him at about noon, which isn't completely unusual. He sometimes calls before he goes to the nursing home. This time? He said, "Doctor gave me some orders. I have to come home and spend time with my wifey-poo." The boys and I had a lunch date planned with the ever-wonderful Sandy, and he decided to meet up with us! It was such a nice treat not having to chase around the boys 100% by myself. Don't get me wrong, my boys aren't that wild, or out of control (most of the time) I'm just getting big. And tired.

Friday night I had my first 'official' not my kids, photo shoot. I'm still in the process of editing the images, but I think they turned out pretty well.

Saturday morning, we got dressed and drove out to Winterset for the Covered Bridge Festival. Then we saw how busy it was, and didn't have a stroller for the beasts, and I got all panicky and decided I wasn't up for the crowd at this stage of my pregnancy. It looked like a ton of fun. But we ended up going to Howell's Pumpkin Patch. It was so cute and fun, though a bit pricey, I mean $24 is a lot for kids to play in a corn pool, swing on tire horses, and slide down this weird huge slide. It was fun, but there were WAY too many people for me. I have kind of an aversion to crowds as of late.

There were chickens

Pretty Fall Leaves

A cute mini horse?


One of those funny face-things

The swings were a lot of fun!


We learned how tall the boys are


The giant slide, I referenced it earlier.

Gabe was a little freaked to go by himself, though only slightly comforted by daddy taking him down.

Gabe wasn't so good with the steering

Neither was J.


I <3 Iowa

Here's a cool self pic

And just the beautiful weather we've been having!


Katrina said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed your weekend! It was a crazy weekend last year.

jen21196 said...

I don't think it will snow this year seeing as I moved back!!!

Your family is so beautiful!! Can't wait for Owen to join the bunch!