Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Weekend Recap & Caillou

My boys LOVE Netflix. The watch instantly thing?? It's seriously genius. They are able to watch shows that I've not DVR'd whenever they want! Frequently, unfortunately, they watch Caillou. Caillou is in Canada, and goes tobogganing. I don't even know how to spell toboggan, but thankfully, spell check does. We were at Hy-Vee the other day, getting groceries, and the boys laid eyes on it. A toboggan, or sled. Whatever. We bought it just in time for the snow to melt away. But have no fear, we live in Iowa. It can snow until April. It snowed yesterday and Barry was kind enough to take them outside after he got home from work, and take pictures to document this momentous occasion!

The shovel were so they could help daddy shovel the sidewalk...

I <3 this picture! They are SO happy!

They had sooo much fun, and with another 12 inches in the forecast, they'll be able to go tobogganing again soon!

This weekend we were able to celebrate with my friend Dana and her little boy's 1st birthday party! It was SO fun! There's something so special about celebrating 1st birthdays. The look they get when they realize that thing in front of them is yummy! SO sweet! I am ordering my lighting this week, and will be taking some pictures of the little fellow soon! I'm nervous and excited!


We also started planning in full force, Gabriel's third birthday party! Holy cow. How did that happen?! I have no clue. He said he wanted an M&M party, but I've convinced him to go with something else :) I promised him we would have lots of M&Ms though!

It's hard for me to believe Owen's almost 3 months old! This week even! I need to get cracking on his shirt! I want to mix it up this time, so we'll see what I come up with. Speaking of Owen, he learned a new trick at Atticus' birthday! People still say that he looks like me, and I LOVE that. Julian and Gabriel are mini-Barrys. Everyone says that. So for me to have a baby that resembles me, in the slightest? Amazing! And little known fact, I sucked my thumb. And look! So does my mini-me!

Well the snow is coming down, and I have a shirt to applique! Well, actually two! Look for them soon on my crafty blog!

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