Thursday, January 27, 2011

Not much to report

Laundry is going well.

Boys are doing well, minus the random puking incident on Monday night. I guess I'll tell you about that?! Julian came home from preschool and said his tummy felt funny. But nothing else. He asked for Mac & Cheese for lunch, and then didn't eat it. That's pretty typical of him. So when he didn't eat dinner, I wasn't all that surprised. He's kind of a feast or famine kind of kid. Either he EATS or he doesn't. Around 7 pm on Monday? He puked. Just once. And then said he felt better, and certainly acted completely normal and crazy, like he (and Gabe) always act before bed. He went to bed fine, we put a bowl on his bed, just in case.

At 3:00 Owen woke up for his nightly feed. He goes to bed at 9 or so, so 9-3 isn't bad. At 3:40, Julian woke up and ran to the bathroom, he puked. And that was the last of it. Upon waking Tuesday morning, completely, 100% normal. Strangest stomach bug, or whatever, ever. No sign of the other boys getting it, which is a definite blessing. I almost wonder if he ate something at preschool that didn't agree with him. When I asked him what he ate at school he said he didn't remember. So who knows. He's better now though, and that's great.

Tuesday we stayed in our PJs all day, but that's not really any different than a normal Tuesday. Since Monday, Wednesday, Friday, I have to go to preschool, I always get dressed. Tuesdays and Thursdays? It's optional in my book.

Since Julian was vomit free and no fever or anything else in 24 hours he went to school yesterday (Wednesday) and had a good day. Gabe is F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. talking to his teachers. I really don't get it. He is so chatty at home, but so quiet at school. But at least he's talking now.

Owen is almost three months old, already! I can hardly believe it! He's such a sweet, sweet boy. I just love the baby smiles I get all the time. I love that he loves to talk. He likes to gaze at his brothers. They're soooo entertaining.

Basically, life is good. And with these cute boys? How could it not be?

Some pictures from our Valentine's Day photo shoot.




DSC_0055bw copy


And some fun with photoshop! My best friend designed these adorable mustache brushes! I &hearts them!




And look at my little stud! He's soooo happy!




x0xJ said...

Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.
And the moustache one's crack me up!
I am glad the sickness was short lived.

Shannon said...

love love love all the pictures!!! the one of J & G is just priceless... and owen is getting so big.

Kate Nally said...

I love Gabe's haircut!!! Now he looks like a little man :) I hope at least one of my babies has curls like that - too cute!

Suzie said...

Your boys are the CUTEST!! :)

Elizabeth LeConey said...

i just love those!