Friday, April 1, 2011

My New Love.

So awhile back, my BFF Stacy Jacobsen posted on Facebook about a concert for a happy music artist. Those of you that know me, know that I LOVE Lisa Loeb. I've loved her since I first heard the song Stay. I also quite enjoy music that makes me happy, and bubbly, and whimsical, and just positive. Enter Mindy Gledhill.

It just so happened that we would be in town for the concert, so I wrote Stace that I wanted to go! It was to be a double date. Then Barry said he didn't REALLY want to go. Brad so graciously said that he would stay home with their kids so Stace and I could have a date. And then? Stacy got the plague. She was too sick to go. Luckily my little sister said she would go, never, ever even hearing of the singer. She actually really enjoyed the concert though! So score one for the happy music person.

We went to Mexican for dinner, and man. Iowa just doesn't do Mexican like Washington.

The BEST Chips & Salsa ever.


This picture makes me HUNGRY!

My sister-(Everyone comment on how much we look alike, she just LOVES to hear that.)


Me & the new hair the day-of

How can you not like someone that plays the keytar? I mean seriously.

I'm seriously inspired by Mindy's lyrics. One of my favorite songs is All About Your Heart. Check her out. Become a fan of hers on Facebook Here. It's super rare to go to a concert and have the singer's voice sound EXACTLY like or better than you hear on the CD! She's amazing, adorable, humble and kind.


Kira said...

I want that Mexican food....BAD

rebecca said...

Jealous! Mindy is good stuff.