Thursday, April 28, 2011

We're Back.

So uhm, it's almost been a MONTH since my last blog post! OY!

WE're back, in Iowa, and adjusting well to our 'real life' :)

Owen has been starting the night in his crib, every night, and then at about 2 he gets cold or lonely and comes to bed with us. We love him. And it's so hard to believe he's almost SIX months old! He's a rolling machine, still toothless, and FULL of baby germs.


I had Julian's parent teacher conferences yesterday. He's doing really well, and totally ready for Kindergarten! Sigh, when did my first baby get SO big? He's really smart, and still loves Legos, and building. He keeps telling me he is going to be a builder like Grandpa Bob. He's a sweet boy, most of the time ;)


Gabriel is as sweet as ever. So sharing and caring, and nice. He's so abnormal that way, for a three year old. He's always giving me hugs and kisses, or running inside from the backyard (yay for sunny days) and just saying "I love you Mommy." He literally makes me swoon.


I did a total of five family photo shoots while I was in Washington. It was so much fun. I'm getting excited to expand my clientele in Iowa, and eager to finish my classes! If you're interested in a family shoot for a discounted rate (in Iowa) email me and I'll hook you up!

I also started selling Scentsy. My little sister is a consultant, and I really love the product, so I decided to start selling it too! My website for that is Christia's Scentsy. Right now there's an "Introduction to Scentsy" party up on my site. If you purchase from that party, your name will be entered to win a warmer and bar of your choice! Awesome!


jamie said...

i really would love to have our family pictures taken before we move! lets figure out a time and place and do it! :)

J and C Stubblefield said...

cute cute pics...I really have to get some fam pics done! I will talk with you about it!!! :o)