Monday, April 4, 2011

Where has the time gone?

My baby turned FIVE months today. It's so hard to believe. He's such a sweet boy. On Saturday, after a week of some gooey looking eyes when he woke up, he spiked a fever. It was low-grade, 99.4 but still. After the eye goo, we weren't taking any chances. So we brought him to our old pediatrician (shout out to Evergreen Children's Clinic) at their after-hours clinic on Saturday afternoon. The sweet, smiley boy was diagnosed with a double ear infection. Honestly, after dealing with Gabriel's frequent ear infections, I was a little shocked that this was the diagnosis. Owen never stopped smiling, his fever was SO low (compared to Gabe's 103 ear infection temp), and was just totally normal, minus the gooey eye. After 2 days of antibiotics, he's 100% back to normal, and smiling even more! And laughing so much. He loves him some grandma and grandpa.

I've failed in my goal of making a shirt for every month. I just didn't have access to a sewing machine. :( I guess 11/12 months isn't soooo bad. We had a little photo shoot on the couch today. He was SO hammy.


I will eat the couch. Watch me.



Love his little hands & his tiny birthmark

His new skillz. He loves to blow bubbles, and make funny noises that are constantly making his big brothers laugh.

Baby's trying to eat me!

At 5 month he weighs about 18 lbs. He CAN roll, but rarely does. He is ALMOST sitting up on his own, well he technically can, but then falls over after not very long. He wears 3-6 month clothes, but they're getting small, so we're moving into the 6-9 which are still pretty big. He sleeps through the night 5 nights out of 7. I just gave him some oatmeal over this past weekend and he wasn't super convinced, so I'm going to hold off again. He just seemed so interested in our food, that I thought he was ready, but I guess not. He's still the most delightful baby I've ever had the pleasure of raising.


Miss Pink said...

You look so much like Julian in that last pic.
I'm glad Owen is all better now, you must have caught it early!

jmason said...

I can't believe he is 5 months already...he is such a cutie!! I'm glad the ear infections didn't have much effect on him...what a tough dude!
Oh, and it looks like he is sitting in my living room...I have the exact same couch!!

Kaitlyn said...

what a big boy! great photos, as always. <3

Suzie said...

Such a sweet little guy! I hope I can see you guys again while you're here! :)

Elizabeth LeConey said...

Sweet boy!