Monday, December 17, 2012


It's Christmas time. The boys are almost finished with school for the hear. 2013 is upon us. I have a hard time believing that 2012 is nearly complete. So many wonderful things have happened to us this year, and we continue to embark in new adventures daily.

Christmas time is a time for tradition. Since moving away four almost give Christmases ago Barry and I have been able to start our own family tradition. One of my favorite traditions, and it's one I'm solely in charge of is Christmas cards. I love writing the envelopes out, sealing them, putting on the stamp and finally mailing them out. I'm behind this year, but I've got a pretty adorable excuse.

Another tradition we do is probably not unique to our family. Every Christmas eve we open one gift. That gift so happens to always be Christmas pajamas. I love new pjs and the boys seem to enjoy this tradition as well. We also open up a new Christmas movie. This year I think it will be Brave. I know not Christmassy but we will watch it as a family nonetheless.

If you have been in our basement you know, without a doubt, that my boys have plenty of toys. Plenty. So we try really hard to limit what comes in at Christmas. We also should probably have the boys go through their toys and donate those they no longer play with, but that's another post. We do four gifts for each person
We are also instituting a new one: Give. We let the boys pick an ornament off of a giving tree and they pick out the gift, help me wrap if required and we give it to someone that needs it.
None of my traditions are extremely unique, but they are ours and I wouldn't trade them for the world. Do you have Ang Christmas or holiday traditions? Share. I would love to hear what you do to celebrate this time of year.


Wes Little said...

I LOVE your tradition of giving, we do this as well. I think it is important to teach our kids that giving is as much fun as receiving!

ali said...

I love, love, love the 4 gift idea. We have baby #1 on the way, due in January and I just sent this to my husband to keep in mind for next year.

ali said...

PS-I didn't notice the Iowa for medical school part until now. A few friends of ours spent time in Iowa for med school (we're from MN) they attended DMU and loved it!

Kate Nally said...

I love the want, wear, read, need, GIVE idea! I'm totally stealing that.