Tuesday, October 22, 2013

So we have this little, tiny bathroom.

It is small. And funnily colored. 

I just cannot figure out what it wants to be. The color is an off latte? It's not a bad color. It's just terribly hard to coordinate with. Add in the navy (yes navy!) tiled floor and it is a right disaster. So I'm thinking next up on my decorating spree is the baby bathroom. (Oh and did I mention it's the guest bathroom? The one on the main floor that everyone uses? Oh yeah, it is). 

This is the view from the door. 
And this is the view for the closet. It's TINY!
The tile, like I mentioned earlier is navy. We won't be changing that. Paint color? Since it's so small, that's definitely a possibility. 

I have a couple of thoughts running through my head. My ideas are probably terrible. The ideas from my friends, however, genius!

My idea:
A sort of icy blue-white wall. White frame around the mirror (would crown moulding work?!) keep the rug and towels we have. 
Ice rink blue. This is the shade I was thinking of! And it has a cute name. 

Brooke suggested black frames, black mirror frame. She likes the icy blue paint. 

Ambers idea (she's a decor genius so her idea is probably my best bet!)
Peacock. (For those that don't know I ❤️ Peacocks) 
Tealy wall color, peacock photos for decor, 

So what do you think? Ice rink? White accessories? Ice rink and black accessories? Peacock? Or something else! This house, man. 


Wes Little said...

I like shades of green. I was 1st thinking an orange shade but maybe that would be too dark. Little room needs a lighter color. I think dark colors make a room look smaller. you can't afford for the bathroom to get any smaller!

Rebuilding Together Detroit said...
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Julie said...

(I was signed into my work account when I first posted...that is the deleted comment. :) My first thought when you showed the tike was that a greyish blue would work...so I like the icey blue idea. I agree, you want a light color in such a small space. But the peacock theme would be a fun way to accent!

Nicole said...

The Peacock would be fun for the kids too, colorwise. I like the boldness!

Nicole said...

The Peacock would be fun for the kids too, colorwise. I like the boldness!

thisismamashouse said...

Peacock. Hands down. I like it so much I think I'm going to steal it for my tiny guest bath too!

Miss Pink said...

I would do a white wall (lighter colors open a space up more and make it feel bigger) with maybe some red accents. Think like a sea/sailor kind if theme? That's just me though. I like your ideas too!