Thursday, October 3, 2013

The tooth fairy wears purple.

Yesterday, Julian had a tooth extracted. He's had one pulled once before and we will just say it wasn't the most positive experience ever. He was very anxious to go to the dentist again and really didn't want them to take his tooth. A few weeks ago he started complaining about his back molar. A filling had fallen out and the tooth had become infected/abscessed. He was in a lot of pain and started an antibiotic quickly after with the extraction scheduled 10 days after the antibiotic. Yesterday at the dentist, he was a rockstar. He was definitely scared but brave. He made me really proud. He got to bring the tooth home, ew, and you can clearly see where the filling should have been. 

I don't know about your house but here the tooth fairy pays for dental assisted evacuations of teeth. She might even pay a little bit more than the average tooth for pain and suffering. So the tooth fairy made her fourth appearance at the Palizzi house last night. In exchange for a moldy molar, Julian got $5. 

Gabriel, who's been down with a fever all week, woke up SO excited. 
"Mommy, I SAW the tooth fairy!!"
"Oh..." I gulped, "You did?"
"Yes! She was beautiful. She had a crown and it went like this." He said as he made zigzag lines with his fingers. "She had a purple dress on and it had sparkles. And she was happy."
Swoon, dude. Swoon. 
Here's Julian with his tooth fairy pillow all ready to go. (Also notice the easy access. The tooth fairy stands about 3" tall so she can't be jumping over kids and lugging heavy teeth around)

A terribly unattractive photo of me and the sick boy who's going back to school tomorrow! He couldn't be happier!!

Owen had picture day. He is practicing his smile here. 
Today, after a month in preschool, he cried at school. His beloved Miss Ann made the grave mistake of giving Owen a big triangle on an orange piece of paper and not purple. He cried and said he wanted his mom. For a boy that refuses to hug or kiss me before leaving, I have to admit it made me a little happy. 
And this little bundle of smiles turned eleven months yesterday. I can't believe it. I am deep in the process of her first birthday. Cannot believe it. :/. 


Wes Little said...

J sounds like he was very brave with his tooth pulling!! you have got yourself some very cute kids and I can't believe E is approaching her 1st b-day!

Melanie said...

I want a photo of the tooth pillow on Instagram please.

Miss Pink said...

That is just adorable.